FunNature & AnimalWhat is the fastest shark?

What is the fastest shark?

According to the Guinness Book of Records 2020, the shortfin mako ( Isurus oxyrinchus ) is capable of swimming at speeds above 58 km / h. To hunt, it first swims below its prey so as not to be discovered and then lunges up to attack it.

The shortfin mako or mako shark is also the shark that makes the highest jumps , since it is able to propel itself at least 6 meters above the water, although higher jumps have been recorded.

The secret of its speed is that it is a very hydrodynamic animal, with a powerful muscle mass, and the fact that it is a homeothermic animal (that is, it is capable of maintaining its body temperature regardless of the environment). This capacity triples your muscle power.


The shortfin shark, also called the mako shark, is a species of lamniform elasmobranch in the Lamnidae family.

The shortfin mako is recognizable from other subspecies of sharks because it has characteristic horizontal lines on its back, and a long tail fin. Its color varies between metallic blue and dark gray, and the belly is white. They also have large, non-serrated, awl-shaped teeth.

In terms of size, males mature when they reach 2 meters in length, but can reach almost 3 meters. For their part, the females are much older: at maturity they reach almost 3 meters, but will reach a length of almost 4 meters.

Sharks are ovoviviparous animals (that is, although in the egg, the embryos remain inside the mother during their development), and they carry out a curious behavior: the embryos of the common mako are oophagic; that is, the smaller specimens are eaten by their older and more developed brothers in the womb. This activity is known as oophagia. The litters vary from 4 to 6 young, and the size at birth is 60 to 80 cm.

They prefer warmer waters, at least 16ºC, and tend to live from the surface to at least 152 m. deep.

Is it dangerous for humans?

Some unprovoked bites have been recorded in swimmers. Unprovoked bites in divers are rare. However, given their speed and aggressiveness, we must approach them with caution, as explained by the University of Florida Global Shark Attack File.

The shortfin mako population is very large: it is distributed throughout the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Oceans, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

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