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What reproductive problems can my dog have?

Lack of zeal

The months go by, the dog grows and she does not get heat. If 18 months have passed and we have not observed any symptoms, we must go to the vet to diagnose the cause of impuberism. This is what the absence of zeal in our dogs is called.

The bitch bleeds, bleeds and won’t stop bleeding. Have you had bleeding losses for more than 21 days? The veterinarian must assess the situation and take action on the matter.

The bitch has not had contact with any dog, but it seems that she is pregnant: she gets fat, her breasts swell and produce milk, she adopts objects (dolls, slippers, the TV remote …). This situation could be called “a natural problem”. It happens in some females in a specific period of their cycle. Your hormones “get up to speed more than normal” and cause these symptoms.

There are very effective pharmacological treatments, which some claim to substitute with parsley tortillas.

The great option to avoid this problem throughout life is, once again, sterilization. Let’s never take into account the following advice to avoid this problem: “if she gets pregnant, it won’t happen again.” It is not like this.

The ovaries, in their natural cycle, form vesicles that surround the ovum before it comes out. For various reasons, these vesicles can maintain themselves and alter hormonal cycles . The existence of the problem is evidenced by irregularities in the cycles and is confirmed by ultrasound. There are treatments and surgical actions aimed at solving this pathology.

Pyometra is the accumulation of pus in the female reproductive system (fallopian tubes and uterus)

This problem usually appears shortly after the heat is over. It is due to an infection of the genital tract, with formation of pus. Among the symptoms that the animal may present are increased water intake, increased urine output (number of times and quantity), decay, purulent discharge from the vulva …

If this problem goes unnoticed by the owner, the animal can die from peritonitis . The solution is usually always surgical.

Unfortunately they are very frequent. They are avoided or prevented with sterilization at an early age. Its appearance usually requires surgery of the specific tumor or of the mammary chain as a whole.

Keep in mind that all these problems exist, that they are not a story … They can affect your dog. But do not be alarmed, avoiding them is very, very simple: sterilize him. Check with your vet.

Use them as a business . Playing with the reproduction of our pets is playing with life. There are humans who use dogs as an instrument of a business regardless of their physical and mental suffering.

Let them decide . Another big mistake is to think that the bitch will defend her virginity, that she will keep all the males who come to court her at bay. Nothing is further from reality.

Not paying attention to your cycles . Certain owners do not place enough value on the irregularity of their pet’s jealousy. Not caring if they have it every six or seven months or not.

They don’t need a litter . But the worst of the worst is to think that our dogs need a pregnancy at least once in their lives. The subject is very important.

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