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What to buy for the baby's arrival: cots, bassinets and co-sleeping cots

The arrival of a child in the family, especially if it is the first, implies having to buy all the items that the baby will need during the first months and years of life.

In this guide we are going to talk about the different options that the baby has for a safe sleep during his first months: cots, co-sleeping mini-cots and bassinet.

What should you take into account when choosing these items and which ones do we recommend?


If you have chosen to buy a crib for your baby, it is important that you know the different types that exist, in order to choose the one that best suits your needs.

– Classic cribs usually last until the child is two years old , at which time the crib is too small and it is time to make the leap to the first child’s bed.

The main advantage of these cribs is that they are small, so they can be easily attached to the parents’ bed and thus all sleep together during the first years of the baby’s life.

– Functional cribs are somewhat larger, but they are very practical and a perfect option if you are looking for durability with extra space, as they usually have drawers at the bottom.

– The evolutionary cribs are a very interesting option, as they have extra options and convertible kits that allow the crib to be transformed into a bed for when the child is ready to take the leap.

The main advantage of this type of cot is the significant savings it entails, since once converted into a bed it lasts for several years. However, given their large dimensions, they cannot usually be attached to the parents’ room, unless it is a very spacious room.

In addition to this type of cot, there are also travel cots, whose practical, comfortable and functional use is perfect when it comes to sleeping away from home with the baby.

Below we show you a selection of classic, functional and evolutionary cribs so that the baby sleeps comfortably.

Sundvik classic crib (Ikea)

Cradle made of solid beech and lacquered in white. The base of the cot can be mounted at two different heights, which makes it easy to put the baby to bed. In addition, one of the sides can be removed, which facilitates the autonomy of the child when he is already able to go up and down on his own.

Measurements : 126 cm long x 66 cm wide x 80 cm high.

Mattress not included.

Ikea SUNDVIK cuna de blanco

Ikea SUNDVIK crib white

RRP at Ikea €99.00
Today on Amazon for €248.87

Classic retro-style crib (La Redoute)

Cradle with an original design in the shape of a car inspired by the 50s. Adjustable bed base in three different heights, which allows the baby to be accompanied up to two or three years of age.

Measurements : 146 cm long x 67 cm wide x 90 cm high.

Cuna para bebé con ruedas Sun

Sun Wheeled Baby Crib

RRP at La Redoute €350.98

Classic vintage style crib (Elyo)

Vintage-style cot with solid oak-stained pine slatted base and adjustable height. Its design allows it to be easily integrated into any type of decoration for the baby’s room.

Measurements : 125 cm long x 66 cm wide x 93 cm high.

Cuna vintage con somier Elyo

Vintage cot with box spring Elyo

RRP at La Redoute €350.98

Minuna My Baby Koala (Babybacter)

Cot with adjustable base in three different heights and folding side barrier to facilitate the autonomy of the baby when he is ready to get out of the cot and up on his own Made with materials from sustainable forests, it gives the baby’s room a sweet and warm touch thanks to its nice design.

Measurements : 120 cm long x 60 cm wide

Cuna (60 x 120 cm.) Micuna My Baby Koala

Cradle (60 x 120 cm.) Micuna My Baby Koala

RRP at El Corte Inglés €238.50

Gonatt functional crib (Ikea)

Cradle made of solid beech with pigmented acrylic varnish. The design of the crib, with soft shapes and a stable structure, offers great durability and practicality, thanks to its large drawers at the bottom.

Measurements : 123 cm long x 68 cm wide x 103 cm high.

Mattress not included.

Cuna con cajón modelo Gonatt (Color blanco)

Gonatt model crib with drawer (White color)

RRP at Ikea €199.00

Functional crib with storage and changing table (Alfred Compagnie)

Cot set with lower drawers, side storage space with bedside table, shelves and drawers, and pull-out changing table. Practical, comfortable and highly functional design that will save you a lot of space in the baby’s room.

When the baby no longer needs the crib, you can turn it into a bed and separate the storage-changing module to transform it into a practical piece of furniture.

Measurements : 140 cm long x 70 cm wide.

Mattress not included.

3 in 1 evolutionary crib (JIMI)

Practical and comfortable evolutionary crib convertible into a bed. It has an original design and a height-adjustable bed base in three positions. It is made of solid oak stained pine.

Cradle measurements : 152 cm long x 75 cm wide x 89 cm high.

Bed measurements: 140 cm long x 70 cm wide.

Cuna evolutiva 3 en 1 JIMI

JIMI 3 in 1 evolutionary crib

RRP at La Redoute €430.98

Cuna evolutiva (Geuther)

White lacquered crib with multicolored bars and adjustable bed base in three heights, to adapt at all times to the baby’s development. It includes a manual for its conversion into a bed.

Cradle measurements : 142 cm long x 75 cm wide x 80 cm high.

Bed measurements: 140 cm long x 70 cm wide.

GEUTHER habitación de los Niños Wave Pastel multicolor weiß/pastell

GEUTHER Children’s Room Wave Pastel multicolor weiß/pastell

Today on Amazon for €385.00


The baby bassinet is a small bed, carrycot or basket that provides comfort to the newborn while he gets used to living outside the womb. Being a small crib, it is warmer and more welcoming for the baby, perfect for the first three months of life.

Its small size allows it to be placed comfortably in a small room next to the parents’ bed, or taken anywhere in the house, as it usually incorporates a structure with wheels and a carrycot with handles.

The trend of the moment are wicker models , although there are also canvas ones. And they can be dressed with bottom sheets, lullabies, bags, cushions, protective covers… to the taste of the parents.

Moses basket with support (La Redoute)

This set includes a wicker basket with a 100% cotton mattress and a solid wood support with a rocking or bassinet function.

Set de cuna con colchón, nido de bebé con soporte

Crib set with mattress, baby nest with stand

RRP at La Redoute €329.00

Bassinet basket with stand (Waldin Baby collection)

If you are looking for a purely classic model , you will love this bassinet complete with accessories. The carrycot is made of natural willow wicker, the legs in untreated natural wood and the interior textiles in 100% cotton.

Includes canopy with bow, protective cover, mattress, quilt and a small pillow ( attention! It is not recommended that the baby use a pillow or be on the crib while sleeping, as it increases the risk of sudden infant death)

WALDIN Cuna Moisés, carretilla portabebés XXL, 9 colores a elegir, blanco/blanco

WALDIN Bassinet bassinet, XXL baby carrier, 9 colors to choose from, white/white

Today on Amazon for €124.99

Moses basket with support (Cambrass)

Bassinet with beech wood structure and fully dressed wicker basket. Includes mattress, quilt, cushion ( attention! It is not recommended that the baby use a pillow or be on the crib while sleeping, as it increases the risk of sudden infant death) and an outside pocket to keep small baby accessories close at hand. baby.

Upholstery available in several different patterns.

Cambrass Moises Bebe Mio Cuco + Patas Denver, Gris/Flores, 49x86x61 cm

Cambrass Moses Baby Mio Cuckoo + Denver Legs, Grey/Flowers, 49x86x61 cm

Today on Amazon for €220.25
RRP at El Corte Ingles €236.58

Moses basket with support (Mimuselina)

Bassinet with natural palm wicker basket and beech wood support. Includes 100% cotton muslin mattress and covers, with cover, two fitted sheets and a quilt.

Available in different colors.

MIMUSELINA Moises para bebes. Capazo de palma natural. Moisés completo: cesta mimbre bebe, vestidura moisés muselina 100% algodón, acolchada y estructura madera balancín bebe. Estable y rígido. (Mint)

MIMUSELINA Moses for babies. Natural palm tote. Complete bassinet: baby wicker basket, 100% cotton muslin bassinet clothing, padded and baby rocker wooden structure. Stable and rigid. (mint)

Today on Amazon for €230.00

Moisés de lona plegable (Fisher-Price)

Portable cradle-rocking chair with a light and foldable structure, to be able to transport it and store it anywhere. Includes retractable hood with two hanging toys and star projection, sides with mesh for greater visibility, and option of vibration, music and soothing sounds to calm the baby.

Fisher-Price Moisés plegable, cuna para bebés (Mattel GWD36)

Fisher-Price Folding Bassinet, Crib for Babies (Mattel GWD36)

Today on Amazon for €142.50

Carrycot-Moses (Tommee Tippee)

Bassinet-basket with a modern and elegant design, with a lining made of 100% cotton. The carrycot includes rigid handles for transport and 300 ventilation holes on the sides, ensuring maximum breathability.

Available in three different colors: pink, blue and green.

Tommee Tippee – Cuna Moisés para Bebés Sleepee, Cesta con Asas y Soporte, Eco-sostenible, Recién Nacidos, Color Gris

Tommee Tippee Bassinet for Babies Sleepee, Basket with Handles and Stand, Eco-sustainable, Newborns, Gray Color

Today on Amazon for €106.64
RRP at El Corte Ingles €116.45

Co-sleeping cribs

Babies need constant contact with their mom and dad. Being with them is a basic need for the newborn, and with great benefits for them. During the first months of life, in which nighttime awakenings are so common, co-sleeping becomes an excellent solution for the whole family to rest , as well as facilitating breastfeeding at night.

Co- sleeping cots are a comfortable and, above all, safe way to sleep with the baby.

Below we offer you a selection of co-sleeping cribs with their respective characteristics, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Next2Me (Chicco)

It is a comfortable and practical mini-cradle valid until the baby reaches approximately nine kilos . It is compatible in height adjustment with almost all beds (including those with canapé or drawers), as it allows up to six different positions .

It is easily anchored to the parents’ bed and has an easily folding side. It has four wheels with brakes and the possibility of reclining the mattress in up to two different positions.

Cuna Cododo next 2 me de Chicco

Cododo next 2 me crib by Chicco

Today on Amazon for €199.00
RRP at La Redoute €224.00 RRP at El Corte Inglés €249.00

Cuna-colecho Betsy (Geuther)

Mini crib with height adjustable mattress from 51 to 70 cm. Includes cold foam mattress, quilted terry cloth cover, locking wheels and drop side.

Available in white or wood.

Geuther - Cama Betsy para camas con somier, incluye colchón de espuma fría, funda acolchada de rizo, ruedas de alfombra con bloqueo, rejilla abatible, altura regulable, color natural

Geuther Betsy Bed for Box Spring Beds Includes Cold Foam Mattress, Quilted Terry Cover, Locking Carpet Casters, Flip Up Grid, Height Adjustable, Natural Color

Today on Amazon for €285.00

Bed-sleeping crib (Maxi Cosi)

Co-sleeping bed with height adjustment on five levels and reclining in anti-regurgitation position, ideal for children suffering from reflux. The side rail can be opened, making it perfect to place as a co-sleeping cot.

Includes mattress lined with hypoallergenic and breathable cotton, compatible with Maxi-Cosi Iora fitted sheets (sold separately).

Available in three colors: gray, navy blue or light blue.

Maxi-Cosi Iora Cuna colecho, cuna bebé reclinable para para evitar la regurgitación, altura ajustable, colchón cuna incluido, cesta grande, color Essential Blue

Maxi-Cosi Iora Co-sleeping Cot, reclining baby cot to prevent regurgitation, adjustable height, cot mattress included, large basket, Essential Blue color

Today on Amazon for €199.00
RRP at El Corte Ingles €200.00

Minicuna colecho Nest Air (Kinderfrafft)

The Nest Air co-sleeping cot has a solid structure, with a height-adjustable bed base in up to five sizes and the possibility of adjusting the degree of inclination. The sides are mesh to provide good ventilation and visibility. The side wall can be lowered to be used as a co-sleeping cot.

The set includes a firm mattress and a sheet of the same size.

kk Kinderkraft Cuna Colecho 2 en 1 NESTE AIR, Ajustable, Adecuada Ventilación, Accesorios, Gris

kk Kinderkraft Cot Bed 2 in 1 NESTE AIR, Adjustable, Adequate Ventilation, Accessories, Gray

Today on Amazon for €119.00
RRP at El Corte Ingles €179.00

Cuna-colecho Baby Side II (Jané)

Practical crib with sides in the form of mesh and legs with wheels to be able to move it easily. The side of the cot can be lowered, and the bed frame is adjustable in height from 68 to 79 cm. It can also recline.

Includes mattress, duvet with cover, bottom sheet and cushion ( attention! It is not recommended that the baby use a pillow or be on the crib while sleeping, as it increases the risk of sudden infant death).

Minicuna/Moisés de colecho Jané Baby Side II gris

Jané Baby Side II gray mini crib/basket for co-sleeping

RRP at €243.00

Minicuna colecho ( Cotinfant)

It is a white lacquered wooden cradle with dimensions of 50 cm x 90 cm and three different possibilities of use : cradle, mini cradle and sofa. The side is easily removed without the need for tools, and it adapts to any type of bed (canapé, tapiflex, stringers…) by means of a belt fastening system with a safety lock.

The crib has six different height positions , wheels with brakes and an anti-choking and breathable mattress. Its use is recommended up to 15 months, approximately.

Cotinfant - Minicuna de colecho (50 x 90 cm.) continfant doco sleeping blanco/natural

Cotinfant – Co-sleeping mini-cot (50 x 90 cm.) continfant doco sleeping white/natural

Today on Amazon for €307.00
RRP at El Corte Inglés €335.00

Co-sleeping minicot with five functions (Alondra)

Convertible mini-cot with five functions : co-sleeping mini-cot (removing the side), independent mini-cot, children’s sofa, desk and toy rack. The bed frame can be adjusted to seven heights, from kis 35 to 54 cm.

It includes a 5cm mattress, complete textile and safety straps to attach the cot to the parents’ bed or canapé (for beds with a maximum width of 2 meters).

Alondra - Minicuna Colecho EQUO (5 etapas) Beige + Set 3Textiles + Colchón antiahogo, convertible en: sillón + mesa + juguetero + colecho + minicuna) 7 alturas somier, modelo C1053-TX153 Arena

Alondra – EQUO Co-Sleeping Mini Cot (5 stages) Beige + Set 3 Textiles + Anti-choking mattress, convertible into: armchair + table + toy rack + co-sleeping + mini cot) 7 bed base heights, model C1053-TX153 Arena

RRP at El Corte Inglés €378.25
Today on Amazon for €395.00

Other recommendations that may interest you:

  • Taking care of the skin of the little ones is very important, especially when it comes to protecting them from the sun. ISDIN Pediatrics Fusion Fluid Mineral Baby SPF 50 is a fluid photoprotector for the face and body specially formulated for the sensitive skin of babies and children from six months of age. It offers very high protection against UVB and UVA rays, HE-VL and IR-A. It is formulated with 100% mineral filters and indicated for atopic and intolerant skin. It has very high resistance to water and friction. Even so, it is convenient to reapply every two hours.
Fotoprotector ISDIN Fusion Fluid Mineral Baby SPF 50 - Protector solar facial formulado para la piel de niños y bebés, Filtros 100% físicos, Apto para pieles atópicas, 50 ml

Fotoprotector ISDIN Fusion Fluid Mineral Baby SPF 50 – Facial sunscreen formulated for the skin of children and babies, 100% physical filters, Suitable for atopic skin, 50 ml

Today on Amazon for €18.95
  • If you need to buy items for your baby and you subscribe to Amazon’s recurring purchase , you can save up to 15% by receiving three or more subscriptions in the same shipment. Prime members can get up to 20% savings on diapers and baby food. You can configure the delivery with the period of time that suits you best, before each delivery they send you a reminder email and you can cancel it whenever you want.

Note: the choice of products mentioned in the article is a decision of the editorial team. Some of the links belong to affiliate programs. There may be changes in price and availability from the original publication date.

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