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What to do if I see an abandoned dog on a terrace

To begin, we must emphasize that if we are observing some type of abuse against an animal we must know what type of abuse is being carried out since we find two subtypes , which will have different actions. A first type of abuse is known as active abuse , where physical abuse would be located. A second type would be passive abuse , which refers to when the omission of an action is detrimental to the life and health of the animal. In this sense, a dog abandoned on a terrace or building would be a type of passive abuse since, in addition to being locked up in a very small space, the animal is likely to have been left with some food , that food runs out, as well as water . Likewise, the animal will reach a point of important hygienic unhealthiness since it will continually relieve itself in the same receptacle where it is locked up.

What dangers does an animal have on a terrace? The first danger, even more so if we are in summer, is that the dog suffers a heat stroke due to the high temperatures that it can reach on that terrace, even more so if it does not have any hydration or, if even having it, it runs out. Likewise, another important danger is that the dog decides , imprisoned by a survival instinct and the feeling of panic when feeling locked up, to try to escape by jumping from the terrace.

We are talking about abandonment but … When is a dog considered abandoned? All this is included in the 2011 circular promulgated by the State Attorney General’s Office, which says that a situation of abandonment, under some circumstances, can be considered abuse. But … How can we see an abandonment? All regional laws on the protection of domestic animals state that the animal must be in good condition, have water and food appropriate to its species and breed as well as a vaccination card and adequate deworming, physical exercise and, above all, care . If you observe that a dog fails any of these points and that the dog is on private property, without water, without food, without attention or without leaving, the animal is abandoned.

What can happen to the dog? In addition to the dangers already mentioned, we must influence the idea that it can reach a state of malnutrition, dehydration and very powerful anxiety.

What happens to a person if he abandons an animal? Failure to provide a domestic animal with minimal care constitutes a serious infringement of regional animal protection laws as well as the regulations contained in municipal ordinances in those cities that have this type of regulations in this regard. But, in addition, these actions can be considered abandonment, with which they would also be punished as an administrative offense or even a penalty.

The situation and the consequences , however, can be more serious , because if the animal is not offered adequate food, drink, hygiene and veterinary care, it can end up seriously ill or even cause death. If the animal does not have food, drink, cleanliness and attention, a complaint could be made to its owner alleging what is stated in article 337 of our Penal Code , which establishes: “A punishment with imprisonment from three months to one year and disqualification special for the exercise of profession, trade or trade that is related, to those people who by any means or procedure mistreat an animal to the point of causing death or causing injuries that seriously undermine its health “.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that the law for the protection of domestic animals dictates that “owners must keep their private facilities in good condition and refrain from carrying out any activity or action that could harm the whole of the property or the rest of the owners” . This is important since a dog in a situation of abandonment will cause barking and odor that will harm the rest of the owners.

The main thing is to notify the authorities of the situation

Now what can we do? We cannot, by law, enter someone’s private property and rescue the dog, although it would be a human and understandable act, but everything must be done under a legal procedure if we do not want our person and the animal to be harmed:

  1. We must try to provide food and water, even from another floor, so that the animal can feed and hydrate.
  2. Try to know who the owner is and contact him to tell us the situation or the reasons or, at least, gather enough information to give the pertinent data to the police.
  3. The most important thing is to get in touch and report the situation to the authority , since it will be she who, if she cannot get in touch with the owner, who breaks into the house to free the animal. Therefore, you have to file a complaint and act under all legal weight. Otherwise, if we decide to enter the property ourselves, we may be committing a crime against private property.

So it is important that we act as quickly as possible for the health of the animal itself and always under the law, for ourselves. Finally, to finish with a reflection: owning an animal is an act of responsibility on it. We must understand that we are responsible for the health and life of a living being and therefore we must comply with a series of duties and obligations. If, by any chance, we are not in a position to fulfill these duties, abandonment is not the solution, there are centers that can take care of that animal and provide it with a responsible adoption. Let’s be human with the animals, they would never abandon us.

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