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Who's who in the Goon Squad? Lebron James and Bugs Bunny's rivals

There is nothing left to see the best basketball team of all time again. The Lakers? The Chicago Bulls? The Celtics? Of course not, we are talking about the Tune Squad, the animated team of Bugs Bunny and his friends, which this time will have the help of Lebron James to defeat their enemies with baskets. In the previous installment, his rivals were the depleted extraterrestrial henchmen of Mr. Swackhammer, who became authentic basketball beasts by stealing the powers of the best NBA players. Today Warner wanted to continue promoting the sequel Space Jam: New Legends by reviewing the posters of the Goon Squad, the team of creatures of this fantastic basketball match. The plot of this sequel or perhaps better mention it as a reboot, puts the focus on basketball star Lebron James, who will play himself during the feature film just like Michael Jordan did in the first installment. Lebron will have to help his son Dom and the rest of Looney Tunes escape from the digital world in which the AI-G Rhythm algorithm, played by Don Cheadle, has locked them. How will do? Well, doing what he does best, playing basketball in a game with the improved creatures of AI-G. The story will inspire the power of being yourself, while also strengthening Lebron’s relationship with his son.The Goon Squad is made up of a team that possesses different abilities, all to be better than their rivals in all aspects of the game. Arachnneka, the half-woman, half-spider voiced by professional basketball player Nneka Ogwunike. Its eight legs are sure to keep more than one Looney basket from falling into the net.Chronos is based on player Damian Lillard.It’s a kind of super-fast robot, although we saw him surprised when Tweety’s old owner put him in his place with her agility in the trailer. The Brow is Anthony Davis, but shouldn’t flying be considered a trap? In this digitized game everything seems to be allowed and the character of Davis sure steals a lot of balls with those claws. Wet-Fire is the cartoon version of Klay Thompson. This incendiary player seems to be the fastest villain in the game and a kind of untouchable player on the court.Finally the last member of the team is Diana Taurasi’s White Mamba, who could surely sneak through any defense, scoring with a poisoned shot.

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