LivingTravelWhy is Evergreen Colorado's best kept outdoor secret?

Why is Evergreen Colorado's best kept outdoor secret?

Do you want to lose your troubles in the mountains, surround yourself with green trees, and have some land on your hands, but don’t have money or endless free time from work?

Evergreen, Colorado is a favorite local getaway for people visiting or living in Denver who want a quick jaunt up the mountain without hours on I-70 in traffic. Evergreen is a short 15-30 minute drive west of Denver, on the closest mountain experience you can get from the city.

6 fun things to do in Evergreen, Colorado

Here are our six favorite ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Evergreen.

1. Follow the water.

Evergreen Lake offers stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, and boating. On special occasions (every other Saturday from summer to August), look for evening boat rides, where you can cruise the waters under the stars until 10 p.m. M. Or travelers can rent a Holder 12 sailboat, after a two-hour lesson on rigging and skippering the boat. Looking for a way to entertain the little ones this summer? Evergreen has a youth sailing camp for children ages 9-16.

If you enjoy the SUP experience, jump to Buchanan Ponds for rowing gymnastics classes.

After getting wet, have a picnic at Evergreen Lake Park, 55 acres with picnic tables and a short trail. The lake is also full of fish, if you have your fishing license.

In winter, this lake turns into an ice skating paradise.

The Evergreen Lake Trail is an easy hike (er, stroll) for just over a mile around the lake. While you’re not going to get an extreme workout, this loop is attractive for the views – of canoes gliding through the water and hills not far in the distance. Bring your camera.

2. Hit the pavement.

Evergreen has a great trail running series, including the Evergreen Mountain 15K on July 9. The series spans five different mountain races, from a 5km run to the challenging 2,000+ vertical foot half marathon to the top of Bergen Peak. The Bergen Peak Half Marathon, on August 27, peaks at over 9,000 feet. We are talking about the hard core.

Kids can sign up for Evergreen’s youth trail running class, located on the trails at Three Sisters Park and Alderfer Ranch. This park has more than four miles of developed trails and covers 335 acres.

3. Touch nature.

The Evergreen Nature Center is a way to learn more about the natural environment and animals of the area, in a practical way. Touch real fur and antlers in this historic cabin located on the lake.

Then, take a guided bird walk with a naturalist at the Evergreen Naturalists Audubon Society, a local group that promotes education and conservation of natural resources. The society also organizes walks for children.

4. Exit, in the center.

While Mother Nature is what draws many visitors to Evergreen, her center is also charming and well worth a visit. Walk through the quaint, old-fashioned city center and browse over 180 stores.

Or for the true old-time experience, take a horse-drawn trolley down Main Street. Stop at the Hiwan Homestead Museum, inside a former log shelter with relics as old as the 19th century.

5. Do yoga in the park.

New this year: an evening yoga class at the Alderfer Barn. Get your zen, while realigning and reconnecting with your body, in an environment that lends itself to peace and relaxation.

6. Festive self.

Although Evergreen is not a big city, it does have some great festivals that attract people from all over the state. In the spring, there is the taste of Evergreen. Summer has the Evergreen Lake Summer Concert Series and the Evergreen Parade and Rodeo.

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