FunNature & AnimalWhy is International Animal Rights Day celebrated?

Why is International Animal Rights Day celebrated?

On December 10, International Animal Rights Day is celebrated in many countries. The day is filled with media and educational actions with the aim of making visible the situation of many animals that are exploited and exterminated throughout the planet. The aim is that the rights that all animals should have, regardless of their species, are recognized and respected.

Today, animal awareness is greater among the population and advances have been made such as the prohibition of certain animal shows, the establishment of laws that punish abuse and neglect, more rigid rules on animal welfare in livestock farms, slaughterhouses , transportation, etc. But there is still a lot of work to be done , in our country and beyond our borders.

All over the world and every day serious abuses against animals are committed: exploitation, poaching, elimination of their natural habitats, use for the “enjoyment” of human beings, illegal trafficking … The list is too long and governments too often they look away. International Animal Rights Day is for us to be aware of all this.

The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was adopted by the International League for Animal Rights and affiliated National Leagues at the Third Meeting on Animal Rights, which was held from 21 to 23 September 1977 in London.

On October 15, 1978, the declaration of their rights was proclaimed at UNESCO headquarters. It is important to note that, although it was proclaimed in a UNESCO room, the declaration is not signed by it or by the UN. In fact, it does not appear in the list of International Days on its website.

The text is made up of 14 articles, including article 3 that says: ” No animal shall be subjected to mistreatment or cruel acts “, article 4: ” Every animal belonging to a wild species has the right to live in freedom in their own natural terrestrial, aerial or aquatic environment and to reproduce. Any deprivation of liberty, even that for educational purposes, is contrary to this right “, Article 8:” Animal experimentation that involves physical or psychological suffering is incompatible with animal rights, whether it be medical, scientific, commercial experiments, or any other form of experimentation. Alternative experimentation techniques must be used and developed “and article 10:” No animal shall be exploited for the entertainment of man. Animal exhibitions and shows that use them are incompatible with the dignity of the animal

Today the Fondation Droit Animal Éthique et Sciences (LFDA) is monitoring the declaration. In fact, forty years after its proclamation, that is, in 2018, he updated the text, which was validated by his honor committee. The declaration has no legal validity, but with it, countries are invited to enact laws that protect animals.

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