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Why is it so important that your dog has fixed hours

Dogs are animals of routines, like us, although sometimes we get out of them. Therefore, when a furry one arrives at our house we must establish schedules in which we will satisfy their basic needs as well as those of entertainment and hygiene. The hours are strict and it is advisable not to skip them.

When the dog arrives home, the members of the family will meet as many times as necessary to clarify the guidelines of the new situation. From now on we will have new obligations, new forms of action that no one should skip. The whole family (without exceptions of age or occupation) will participate in the rules that are decided in democratic consensus, from the smallest to the most venerable. We are all extremely busy and, of course, our obligations are very important but if we let the day to day of our furry animals be in chaos, we will notice the disorder in their behavior and even organism.

Today’s puppy, that endearing and tender creature, will transform into an adult, into an animal that will want to climb the family ladder and establish its standards. It is not that he becomes bad, it is his natural way of behaving. Canids in their natural state try to climb positions and overcome the power status of the rest of the individuals in the pack. They will not do it for their whole life, especially they will get out of control in their “adolescence” (again another similarity with the human).

These inevitable acts of rebellion will be better overcome if we are clear about what is intended and if there are no gaps in the rules of action.

When the animal arrives home we will all have to think about what time will be the best to give it its meals; when we can take one or the other out in the morning, noon and in the afternoon (establish the number of outings with your vet) when it’s time to go to the bathroom (about once a month) and even the times of your naps. He is going to thank you.

If, on the other hand, we vary the schedules, we feed him between meals, if we let him get on the bed and walk freely without his leash … he will be acquiring customs that he will consider mandatory forever and that will facilitate his climb in the pyramid of family power. We are allowing the animal a different status than we will want. And we say this because it can only generate problems, problems that in many cases pose the breakdown of the relationship.

The whole family must agree on the schedules and follow them strictly

We know that it is almost impossible for all family members to comply with the same guidelines … But we must take it seriously, if we do not, let’s face the harsh consequences: inappropriate behaviors (biting, grunting …), risk of accidents …

Let us always remember that at that point the dog is not to blame, his learning is built on our successes and our mistakes in his education. It is easy to do it well and very difficult to correct the consequences of a bad education. In any case, if we are at this point, the solution will be to find an educator to help us establish good manners that should never have been truncated.

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