EntertainmentMovies & TVWill Netflix resurrect Lindsay Lohan's career?

Will Netflix resurrect Lindsay Lohan's career?

Yes, Hollywood loves discovering new talent, but another guilty pleasure the industry has is resurrecting star-studded stars. Failure is part of North American culture and for an actor or actress to recover with a good role, he restores his figure back to the market. This Rocky effect has saved many careers, such as those of Robert Downey Junior, Mickey Rourke and Matthew McConaughey. This new opportunity is likely to come to a certain ill-fated Disney figure. Netflix intends to resurrect Lindsay Lohan’s career with a new Christmas romantic comedy. The child star You to London and Me to California will participate in a still-untitled Netflix project. What we do know is that the character will be a spoiled hotel heiress (will she ask her friend Paris Hilton for advice?) And recently engaged who does not remember anything about her life due to an accident in the snow. While the character tries to recover his memories and his life, he will be placed in the care of a cabin owner and his daughter. All this under the always Christmas concept of trying to be better versions of ourselves. Due to the genre it is to be expected that there will be falling in love and learning on the part of both, which will end up changing the life of its protagonist.When the focus continues off the sets, Lindsay Lohan perfectly represents what a broken toy of the industry is. She was the best-known Disney girl on the planet, playing family films and comedies that were well received by the box office and the public like Bad Girls, Put yourself in my place or Give me back my luck.The overexposure and persecution of the media ended up exhausting an actress who had already become used to excess, going through detox clinics several times. Now, the actress seems to be completely recovered from her addictions and ready to start over with this one. type of productions. This role surely does not allow him to bring out all the talent he has inside, it is instead a great first step to finally turn the page of his dark past. Other pigeonholed Disney faces like Zack Efron, Zendaya, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus managed to evolve in their careers. Why couldn’t Lindsay Lohan be able to? This new romantic comedy is scheduled for next Christmas.

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