FunWoman finds finger in restaurant food

Woman finds finger in restaurant food

Can you imagine going to eat at a restaurant and suddenly find yourself with a human finger in the food ? This is what has happened to a woman in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. After an investigation by the authorities for an attack on public health, it has been concluded that the finger belonged to one of the restaurant’s employees. How could it be otherwise, the event has generated great controversy in the country.

The woman went to the restaurant to eat a hamburger when, suddenly, she realized that there was a finger on it. He decided to report it on social networks with the following message: ¬ęHuman meat burger? Hot Burger, diners ask for a magnificent hamburger and when they bite they find a finger. This happened in Campeche on Sunday 09/12/2021. After the event, they continued working as if nothing had happened . In the photographs you can see how, indeed, the finger was between the food .

The Deputy Minister of Consumer Defense, Jorge Silva, has explained to the Efe agency that they have verified that the establishment sold the hamburger to the woman , and that the hamburger had the rest of a finger that belonged to an employee who lost two fingers on Friday .

Based on the first information, everything indicates that one of the workers in charge of grinding the meat that is used in the 20 establishments that the restaurant chain has made a movement when the machine was turned off that caused the grinder to cut off two fingers . He was immediately taken to the hospital.

The Public Ministry has already opened an ex officio process for an attack against public health, and the authorities will continue to investigate the case in more detail.

The Ministry of Labor has already ordered the stoppage of operations in the area where hamburgers are prepared until it is proven that all workers have the necessary training to manipulate the machines. During the ministerial verification, the investigators have verified that it is an unsafe space since at least three other incidents have previously occurred in which employees lost their fingers.

For its part, the restaurant has issued a statement explaining that for 21 years they have worked “in faithful and strict adherence to all health, safety and food safety regulations” , and qualifies what happened as a “fortuitous incident”.

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