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XCOM 2, Trials Fusion, and Rascal Revolt among June's PlayStation Plus games

The day is being quite intense due to the amount of announcements that have been produced in the last hours. Among so much game that has been presented, Sony has not wanted to miss its monthly appointment to present what will be the next video games that will join PlayStation Plus during the month of June .

In order not to lose the habit of what has been happening for a long time, users who are subscribed to this service will have at their disposal two new PS4 games, another two for PS3 and two more for PS Vita , although in our case we will have access to another title thanks to the support of the PlayStation Talents program.

Free games for PS4

We started the batch of new games with ‘XCOM 2’, one of the best turn-based strategy games we’ve seen in recent years. In this sequel set 20 years after the original game , Earth is under the rule of an alien army, so it will be necessary to recruit new soldiers, whom we can improve and strengthen, who must save humanity once and for all. all.

The Trials series will be targeting PlayStation Plus games in June with ‘Trials Fusion’. The acclaimed Ubisoft saga will challenge us to overcome countless challenges in which we will have to perform all kinds of stunts and stunts with motorcycles , either alone or in an online multiplayer mode.

Regarding the game of the PlayStation Talents program, this time the chosen one has been ‘Rascal Revolt’, a cooperative third-person shooter in which up to four friends can join together to face enemies in the form of killer piñatas, clowns and even dragons , with candy, trinkets and confetti everywhere.

Free games for PS3 and PS Vita

With regard to PlayStation 3 video games, the first of them that will be available will be ‘ Ghost Recon: Future Soldier ‘, with which players will join an elite team of special operations soldiers, although they can also opt for ‘ Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition ‘, with which we can kill hordes of hundreds of zombies with the different destructive vehicles that we will have at our fingertips.

Finally, those looking for a puzzle game will be able to opt for ‘ Squares ‘, with which we will have to transform all the blue squares into gray while we interact with other squares before time runs out. Finally, ‘ Atomic Ninjas ‘ is an action and platform game with a very crazy multiplayer with the possibility of controlling eight different ninjas.

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