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11 songs in Spanish to dedicate to pregnant women that will thrill you by their sensitivity

It is impossible not to be surprised at the creation of life and marvel at how the pregnant woman’s body changes to house the baby that is growing inside her. Such is the admiration that we can feel at this incredible process, that there are several singers who have dedicated a song to the stage of pregnancy and the feelings that the arrival of a baby awakens .

We have made a compilation of the best songs in Spanish to dedicate to pregnant women . Some narrate the experience of pregnancy from the point of view of the mother and others were composed as a beautiful tribute by the man to his partner before the arrival of a child in common.

From here on the other side (Manual Carrasco)

We started our selection with “From here on the other side”, a beautiful song composed by Manuel Carrasco when he knew he was going to be a father for the first time. It is dedicated to his son, although it is also a wonderful ode to his wife. Difficult to listen to the lyrics without being moved to tears!

One of the most emotional phrases that we highlight is the one that says: “the dress to your measure that your body is sewing, to fill you with life to fill you with dreams”

You breathe and I (Rosana)

This song by the Canarian artist, Rosana, is one of the most beautiful musical compositions that we can find about the exact moment of delivery, narrated from the perspective of the baby that is being born.

Who does not get excited when hearing the phrase “I approach the light, I move away from you. I change you for what they call living” .

From childbirth (Joan Manuel Serrat)

This song is a review of the changes that are happening in the body of the pregnant woman and how life changes once we become mothers. “His feet swell, the fourth month weighs on his belly, ” begins his beautiful handwriting.

In the background to the left (Pastora Soler)

This song, performed by Pastora Soler, is dedicated to all pregnant women and tells how the baby grows in the mother’s womb and how our feelings change as the time to see our son approaches.

The song begins with a beautiful phrase that undoubtedly moves when remembering those first little kicks: “I have felt that you have moved, like the fish are moving the river.”

Skinny (Rosario)

This song was dedicated by Rosario Flores to her second child when she was pregnant with him. Both the melody and the sensitivity of its phrases make it a moving song to dedicate to the pregnant woman.

The song begins by saying: “Like a drop of water, full of life, I carry in my entrails. You grow little by little in my belly and I feel so different”

You comb the air (Alejandra Guzmán)

Alejandra Guzmán wrote this song to her daughter Frida, while she was pregnant with her. The Mexican singer narrates with great sensitivity the feeling of a mother while her baby grows inside her, the first little kicks and how we imagine it will be when it is born.

“I was dying to feel your fragile little legs kicking the darkness of my mature belly ,” says one of his sentences.

Baby (Patu Cantú)

The Mexican singer and songwriter, Paty Cantú, composed this beautiful song about the feeling of a mother towards the baby she is expecting, as well as some of the most typical symptoms during pregnancy such as fatigue and mood swings.

One of the most beautiful phrases is the one that says “Your arms are formed, your eyes, your face, my body shakes, prepare for you” .

A eme o (Andrea Echevarri)

“You circulated through me, you made a divine path. You opened a tunnel, you uncovered my destiny” sings the Colombian artist, Andrea Echevarri, in this song dedicated to how children change our body, our essence and our way of seeing the world.

You grow in me (Romina)

The song begins by narrating the moment when a mother learns that her baby is on the way. Little by little, the letter goes through the feelings of the woman during pregnancy and what she will do with her child when he is born.

“There are no words that describe what it is to feel that you grow in me, you go with me wherever I go. We breathe together,” the chorus begins.

You are so pretty (Roberto Carlos)

A few years ago, the Brazilian singer-songwriter Roberto Carlos, dedicated this song to all pregnant women, extolling their beauty during the sweet wait. “I don’t know who you are, or what your origin is. Just that you look cute expecting a baby,” said the singer in one of his stanzas.

Crib belly (Ricardo Arjona)

And we finish our review with this song by Ricardo Arjona dedicated to his pregnant wife. In his lyrics, the deep love that the singer feels for his partner and the admiration for her during pregnancy and future motherhood is manifested.

“Because without alluding to fortune, that moonlit night your belly became a cradle bringing the fruit of something mutual,” says the singer in one of his sentences.

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