Living15 original and beautiful cakes for a baby shower

15 original and beautiful cakes for a baby shower

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the next arrival of the baby, so, as in every party, you cannot miss a delicious cake.

So if you are about to organize this type of celebration, or are looking for ideas for a friend, we share 15 original and beautiful cake ideas for a baby shower .


Bears are undoubtedly one of the most used animals in baby-related products, thanks to their relationship with the famous teddy bears and their plump and soft appearance.






Elephants are another of the animals that we can occasionally find related to babies, since their image is also one that produces tenderness. Here are some baby shower cake ideas with elephants:







Of course, we cannot leave out of the list another of the animals that we associate with babies and that is tradition: the stork.





Little animals

In addition to storks, elephants and bears, there is also another group of animals that we often see in baby products, and that can undoubtedly inspire you to have a cute and tender cake: the animals of the jungle or safari.









Although they did not usually associate with babies, in recent years dinosaurs have also become one of the favorite animals for the little ones. In the case of the baby shower, we have seen them as a reference to the baby that is about to hatch from the “shell” or the mother’s belly.






A beautiful theme for baby showers that always looks good are flowers, so if this theme is the one you like the most, these are some ideas for a cake according to the decoration.






Little shoes

A characteristic element of babies and that is usually used in pregnancy announcements are the shoes, so we also include them in our list of beautiful ideas of cakes for baby shower.





Baby clothes and accessories

Baby clothes, and their different accessories such as bibs, pacifiers, bottles, rattles and others, also serve as inspiration when looking for the perfect cake for a baby shower.





Moon and stars

The moon and the stars, which many of us associate with naps and rest, are also other beautiful elements that we can choose for the theme and cake of the party in honor of our unborn baby.







princess the prince

There is no doubt: although they may not be royalty, for many families the baby that is about to be born will be the prince or princess of the house.





Boy or girl?

For parents who are not sure if they are expecting a girl or a boy, or if they do not want to know and prefer to wait for the time of delivery, a fun idea is to make a two-color cake.





Gender reveal

In case parents want to surprise their guests and reveal the gender of the baby during their baby shower, here are some ideas that they can replicate for the cake:





On the other hand, if parents choose to have a neutral theme for everything related to the baby, there are certainly many beautiful ideas that are not necessarily pink or blue, such as beige, green or yellow tones.





Belly shaped

If what we are looking for is a very creative and original idea, pregnancy tummy cakes are undoubtedly one of the best options.




Sleeping baby

Finally, we close our list of baby shower cakes with one of the most beautiful and tender ideas: a sleeping baby.







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