LivingTravelAn Inexpensive Travel Guide to SeaWorld Discount Tickets

An Inexpensive Travel Guide to SeaWorld Discount Tickets

SeaWorld discount tickets can be found quite easily for those willing to shop online.

For example, you can take one-day deals for SeaWorld discounts simply by placing an order from the SeaWorld website. Click on the “Don’t Forget” tab and you will see a second page featuring Quick Queue and an all-day meal deal.

Quick Queue comes in “Unlimited” and “One Time” versions. Priority access to the park’s most popular attractions, such as Manta, Kraken, Journey to Atlantis, and Wild Arctic. The pass also includes a complimentary ride on Paddle Boats and Skytower. The single version, as the name implies, is good for a front-line jump at select attractions.

The all-day dining offering grants you “all you can eat” privileges at participating restaurants in the park. You will be given a bracelet signifying that you signed up for the offer. Offer is valid for one entree, one additional bonus item, and a fountain of soda, iced tea, or bottled water each time you pass the line.

All of these offers are billed as “pay once, save your wallet for the day.” The gastronomic offer could pay if you plan multiple meals within the park. By the way, parking passes and stroller rental can also be completed here before paying online. Taking care of all these purchases before arrival saves valuable vacation time. All that prevents waiting in long lines is a money saver because on vacation, time is money.

SeaWorld also combines entrance fee discounts with several other parks. One is a fairly obvious partner in Orlando: the adjacent water park known as Aquatica. Order SeaWorld and Aquatica tickets together for a discounted full price.

You can also order tickets to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens together. Busch Gardens is an amusement park located west of SeaWorld Orlando in the Tampa Bay area, but many people like to visit both parks on separate Florida vacation days.

You can also get discounts on SeaWorld Single Day tickets with a free second visit.

If your travel plans take you to SeaWorld San Diego, check out discounts for single-day admission and 14-day unlimited visits. All three online offers include the Fun Card, which is valid for general admission, but not valid on certain restricted days. The Length of Stay Ticket uses a “Touch-n-Go finger scan identification verification system.” SeaWorld San Diego states that it does not store or share the information.

The parks host special events at various times of the year. It’s always worth exploring upcoming SeaWorld Park events to see if anything of interest matches your itinerary.

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