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Are you pregnant and feel more clumsy and clueless? Calm down, it's normal

As pregnancy progresses, women can suffer an increase not only in kilos but also in forgetfulness, lack of concentration and motor skills. We are not able to finish a task, we forget an appointment, objects fall out of our hands…

The increase in absentmindedness and clumsiness during pregnancy is normal , and is due to various physical factors that affect us during this period.

Even since we feel the first symptoms of pregnancy, these distractions and clumsiness frequently accompany us, and the most common is that they do so over several months.

Why am I so stupid?

A side effect of pregnancy is temporary clumsiness , but luckily this usually goes away with the birth of the baby. Some women hardly notice it, but others feel very insecure about it.

The belly grows and modifies the curvature of the back, and as the belly grows, the pregnant woman can no longer see her feet and cannot control distances well with the consequence of losing stability.

They also have to do with the relaxation of the joints and fluid retention , which can cause the pregnant woman to hold objects less firmly and securely.

In addition, if we suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, the consequent pain and numbness in the hands, feet and joints in general will further increase the clumsiness of movement.

What can we do to be less clumsy? It is something that is difficult to control, we can simply pay more attention when picking up or manipulating objects, making more solid and conscious movements. Also when we cook or when driving we will have to be extremely careful as much as possible to avoid accidents.

And if we consider that even with that special attention our clumsiness does not diminish, it is better to leave delicate work for a while.

slips during pregnancy

During pregnancy , concentration problems, forgetfulness, forgetfulness … due to hormonal changes can occur. It is a normal phenomenon before which you have to remain calm and accept it as such.

In addition, before the news of the pregnancy, it is normal for our minds to be dedicated to exploring the new state and continually thinking about the baby, if everything will go well, how the pregnancy will evolve… leaving aside other details that become forgotten.

The lack of concentration that accompanies us from the first months of pregnancy can last until the last trimester, when we also feel more fatigued, one more reason to remember the importance of a good rest during these months. The oversights will continue to be present also after the birth of the baby if we continue to accumulate tiredness.

What can we do to avoid suffering so many mistakes? We can get an agenda in which to write down important appointments, get used to making lists of the tasks that we must do or simply to organize the mental chaos that sometimes overwhelms us.

Also reducing our day-to-day worries as much as possible, something not always easy, or setting the bar lower in our demands at work or at home can be useful to relax and minimize the “damage” caused by those small oversights. Poor memory can be accentuated if we suffer from stress, so relaxing and saving energy will help us focus on what matters to us.

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