FunBoas and pythons, what are the differences between these...

Boas and pythons, what are the differences between these snakes?

Boas and pythons may be two of the best-known snake species on the planet. Similar but different , these two snakes are impressive and often confused because they can be similar in size in adulthood.

The truth is that there are more differences than similarities. But for example, they both have two lungs , something that only snakes of these two kinds have. The rest only have one lung.

In addition, within how similar they are, it should be noted that their bite is not fatal and neither is their poison. Boas and pythons use the same technique to hunt and take their victims. They are constrictors and thanks to their strength and huge jaws they are able to swallow weights much larger than themselves.

What is the difference between boas and pythons?

As we say, in the animal world it seems that boas and pythons are exactly the same. Nothing is further from the truth, they are more different than it seems.

To begin with, they come from different places. Boas are originally from the Western Hemisphere, specifically America. They tend to prefer humid places with a lot of jungle. Boas have also been documented in parts of Madagascar and Africa.

By contrast, pythons are found more in Australia, Asia, and Africa, and there are considered to be over 40 different species of pythons.

Another big difference between boas and pythons is the way they have their own young. While boas give birth through a sac and membrane and their young are alive, pythons lay eggs and must wait for their shell to break to find their young.

Both can be very long snakes. Boas can measure up to four meters, although some specimens close to eight meters have been recorded. The difference to know that it is a boa or a python, is that the head of the boas is smaller and in general, they tend to have fewer teeth than pythons.

The head structure of pythons is much more formed than those of boas. With more defined bones and a number of teeth much higher than that of boas.

The most famous pythons are classified into Burmese python, reticulated python, and African rock python.

On the contrary, boas are divided into two large groups: Boinae and Erycinae. In the first enter constrictors, tree boas and anacondas. Two more groups have been established that are found only in Madagascar and the South Pacific.

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