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Corona case numbers for Germany are increasing rapidly – the incidence is three-digit again for the first time in months

The Robert Koch Institute publishes the data on the corona pandemic in Germany on a daily basis. Here are the numbers for Saturday (23.10.2021) in the overview.

Berlin – The critical development of the corona case numbers has been confirmed these days. On Saturday (October 23rd, 2021) the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) published the number of cases for Germany. The number of corona cases had risen rapidly on Friday. This trend is also confirmed on Saturdays.

The nationwide seven-day incidence of new corona infections is in the three-digit range for the first time in months. As the RKI announced on Saturday morning, the value rose to 100.0. According to this, 15,145 new infections were registered within one day.

Corona in Germany: RKI publishes current case numbers

Day New infections | Deaths | Incidence
Saturday (23.10.2021) 15,145 | 86 | 100.0
Friday (10/22/2021) 19,572 | 116 | 95.1
Thursday (21.10.2021) 16,077 | 67 | 85.6
Wednesday (20.10.2021) 17,015 | 92 | 80.4
Tuesday (October 19, 2021) 6.771 | 88 | 75.1
Monday (October 18, 2021) 4.056 | 10 | 74.4
Sunday (10/17/2021) 8682 | 17 | 72.7
Saturday (16.10.2021) 10,949 | 75 | 70.8

The case numbers of the RKI can differ from those of the individual federal states. One reason for this is the longer transmission routes between the RKI and the responsible health authorities. The RKI’s Covid-19 dashboard can also be adjusted during the day.

For comparison: the day before, the RKI had reported an incidence of 95.1, plus 19,572 new infections within one day. A week ago, the value was 10,949 infections, the incidence was 70.8. This is evident from the figures that reflect the status of the RKI dashboard at 6:14 a.m., subsequent changes or additions to the RKI are possible.

Das Robert Koch-Institut veröffentlicht täglich die Zahlen zur Corona-Pandemie. (Symbolbild)


The Robert Koch Institute publishes the figures on the corona pandemic on a daily basis. (Symbol image)

Corona in Germany: new infections, deaths, incidence

The number of deaths in Germany in connection with a corona infection rose by 86 cases to 95,077. According to the RKI, the total number of detected infections since the beginning of the pandemic is 4,452,425, the number of those who have recovered is around 4,200,000.
The incidence value, which indicates the number of new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days, has been rising continuously for a week and a half. From Tuesday to Friday alone, it increased from 75.1 to 95.1. The seven-day incidence last exceeded the threshold of 100 in May. On May 13, the number was 104, and the next day it dropped to 97.

The incidence value has long been the decisive variable for the corona measures taken by the federal and state governments. Due to the progress made in the vaccination campaign, other values are now playing a bigger role – in particular the number of corona patients in hospitals. (nc / dpa)

Rubriklistenbild: © Anupam Nath/dpa

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