NewsCorona in Germany: RKI still without reporting the number...

Corona in Germany: RKI still without reporting the number of cases

The Robert Koch Institute announces the current figures on new corona infections, incidence and hospitalization. The data from Wednesday (29.09.2021).

Berlin / Frankfurt – The Robert Koch Institute has not yet published the corona data for today’s Tuesday (29.09.2021). In the case of the seven-day incidence in Germany, there was hardly any dynamism recently. We’ll report when the numbers are available.

Corona situation in Germany: RKI reports the number of cases on Wednesday (29.09.2021)

Day New corona infections Incidence Hospitalization Incidence
Wednesday (29.09.2021)
Tuesday (28.09.2021) 4171 60.3 k. A.
Monday (27.09.2021) 3022 61.7 1.44
Sunday (26.09.2021) 7774 61.4 k. A.
Saturday (25.09.2021) 7211 60.6 k. A.
Friday (09/24/2021) 9727 62.5 1.58
Thursday (23.09.2021) 10,696 63.1 1.57
Wednesday (22.09.2021) 10,454 65.0 1.65
Tuesday (21.09.2021) 4664 68.5 1.63
Monday (09/20/2021) 3736 71.0 1.65
Das Robert Koch-Institut gibt die aktuellen Zahlen zur Corona-Lage in Deutschland. (Symbolbild)


The Robert Koch Institute gives the current figures on the corona situation in Germany. (Symbol image)

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