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Corona rules at the hairdresser: This now applies to haircutting

At the Corona summit, the federal and state governments agreed on stricter measures to combat pandemics. This also has consequences for hairdressers.

Berlin – The fourth corona wave is rolling over Germany. The number of cases and the 7-day incidence are higher than ever, and the hospital beds are full again. It is therefore not surprising that the federal and state governments agreed on tougher corona measures at the Corona summit on Thursday (November 18, 2021).

The Prime Ministers of the federal states have decided on numerous innovations. According to the decision paper, the 2G rule applies from a hospitalization rate of more than three for sports, cultural and leisure events as well as for gastronomy, accommodation and body-friendly services. Translated means: only those who have been vaccinated or those who have recovered from Corona are allowed to go to the hairdresser, beautician or tattoo artist.

Corona rules at the hairdresser: when do the measures take effect?

The current decision paper from Thursday states that this is necessary “to break the infection dynamics”. However, it is also clear that the regional infection rate should also be included. “If the threshold value is not reached for five days in a row, the above regulations can be waived again,” says the paper.

The implementation of and compliance with the measures should be consistently monitored: “Where possible, the provision of a QR code registration will be ordered in order to facilitate the tracking and interruption of chains of infection.”

Corona rules: what’s new at the hairdresser?

If the hospitalization rate exceeds the threshold of six, the so-called 2G-Plus rule applies. In other words: The “exceptions and relief from protective measures” are made “dependent on the existence of a negative test result, even for vaccinated and recovered people”. Here, too, the rule is void as soon as the threshold value is not reached for five days in a row.

But new measures are not only taking effect at the hairdresser’s or body-hugging services. Stricter corona rules also apply in many other areas – for example in care. The corresponding hospitalization rate in the respective federal state always depends on this. (nc)

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