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Corona rules in Germany: This now applies in my federal state

Numerous federal states are tightening the corona measures. But the applicable rules differ greatly in Germany. An overview.

Berlin – The Corona summit is only a few days old. But the first federal states have already implemented the resolutions of the Prime Minister’s Conference, in some cases even tightened them. In some places, the new measures have been in effect since Saturday (December 4th, 2021).

Among other things, there have been new corona rules in the supermarket since December. A firecracker ban has been announced for New Year’s Eve. With their resolutions, the federal and state governments have stepped up again to cope with the increasingly dramatic corona situation. The rules in the federal states remain very different.

Die Bundesländer in Deutschland verschärfen kurz vor Weihnachten die Corona-Regeln.


The federal states in Germany tighten the corona rules shortly before Christmas.

In the overview, we show which regulations now apply in which federal state.

Corona rules in Baden-Württemberg

  • For the time being, major events are completely banned in Baden-Württemberg.
  • When visiting restaurants and the zoo, in the fitness studio, at the ski lift and in many other places, people who have been vaccinated and recovered must now show a negative corona test (2G plus). However, there are generous exemptions for people with a booster vaccination. For them, the test is often not required. This also applies to those who have recovered if the infection was not more than six months ago, as well as to those who were vaccinated who received the last injection no more than six months ago.
  • The 2G plus rule applies to spectators at cultural or sporting events, for trade fairs, meetings and congresses as well as for private and public events and celebrations in non-private rooms. There are contact restrictions for unvaccinated people and “ghost games” in football in front of up to 750 spectators.
  • Christmas markets were banned and clubs and discos were closed. A 2G regulation applies nationwide to retail (access only for vaccinated and convalescent people). Supermarkets and pharmacies are excluded.

Corona rules in Bavaria

  • There are gradually stricter contact restrictions for unvaccinated people.
  • Only vaccinated and convalescent people are allowed to shop in retail stores – everyday shops are excluded. Apart from that, 2G already applies almost nationwide, and in many areas even 2G plus (access only for vaccinated and convalescent people with an additional negative corona test): such as at theaters or concerts, sporting events or trade fairs as well as for private and public events and celebrations in non-private rooms (except in the catering trade – there it remains with 2G).
  • In addition, 2G plus applies in many leisure facilities.
  • A maximum of 25 percent of spectators are allowed at cultural and sporting events – in the professional leagues only ghost games are allowed until the end of the year. Christmas markets, fairs and folk festivals are prohibited. There is a curfew from 10 p.m. in the catering trade. All clubs, discos and pubs had to close. Schools and daycare centers are open – even in hotspots with a seven-day incidence of over 1000, in which public life has to be shut down again.

Corona rules in Berlin

  • Most of the shops are only accessible to vaccinated and convalescent people (2G). Exceptions include supermarkets, drug stores and pharmacies. In many other areas of public life – including restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums, hairdressing salons, fitness and dance studios – other requirements apply in addition to the 2G rule. This includes a mask or test requirement as well as distance requirements. The 3G rule plus mask applies in local public transport.
  • Private meetings, in which unvaccinated people also take part, are limited to one’s own household and a maximum of two people from another household. Children up to the age of 14 are excluded. For events there are upper limits of 1000 participants in the open air and 200 in closed rooms. At major events, a maximum of 5000 spectators are allowed outside and 2500 inside. It is not allowed to dance in clubs and discos. Christmas markets are open, 2G plus mask requirement applies here.

Corona rules in Brandenburg

  • The 2G rule applies in retail, with the exception of supermarkets and other stores with necessary needs such as pharmacies, drugstores or banks. The following also applies in restaurants, theaters, cinemas, concert halls and leisure pools: access only for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. There will be no Christmas markets.
  • Contacts are limited: a maximum of five unvaccinated people are allowed to come together. There is no upper limit for those who have been vaccinated or recovered. Pupils, teachers and employees must have themselves tested three times a week before entering the school premises. In the interior there is a mask requirement for all age groups.
  • In hotspots with a 7-day incidence above 750, no-night exit restrictions apply to the unvaccinated. Bars, clubs and discos have to close there. If the incidence is over 350, the 2G plus rule applies there.

Corona rules in Bremen

  • The 2G model will also apply in retail outlets until at least January 6, 2022, with the exception of shops for daily needs.
  • In schools and all other educational institutions, it is mandatory to wear a mask. Unvaccinated people are only allowed to meet with their own and two other people from another household at private get-togethers.
  • Events in closed rooms are only allowed with a maximum of 5,000 people, in the open air with a maximum of 15,000. Only a maximum of 50 percent of the capacity of the event location may be used.

Corona rules in Hamburg

  • 2G also applies to retail in Hamburg. Unvaccinated people may only be served in shops for daily needs, such as supermarkets, drug stores or pharmacies.
  • And wherever possible – for example in the cinema or theater – a mask must be worn again under 2G.
  • In clubs, bars and all other places where people dance, 2G Plus has been in effect since the weekend. A current negative corona test must then also be presented for proof of vaccination or recovery.
  • The exceptions for minors have also been tightened: While all under 18-year-olds were previously allowed to participate in 2G without being vaccinated, this is now only the case for under 16-year-olds.

Corona rules in Hessen

In Hesse, the corona rules have also been tightened drastically. An overview:

  • Unvaccinated people may meet a maximum of two households in public space; this is also a recommendation for private space.
  • 2G applies in retail outside the basic service. A 2G-plus option has been deleted: it is no longer possible for operators of restaurants, cinemas, theaters or discos to completely dispense with distance regulations and mask requirements if they only let in vaccinated or convalescent people with a quick test.
  • For get-togethers, trade fairs, sporting events or club meetings as well as cultural offers, multi-level concepts apply inside and outside with restrictions that depend on the number of participants.

Corona rules in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

  • There is a multi-level traffic light warning system that clearly defines which protective regulations must be complied with. The country is currently in the orange tier.
  • This means that visits to restaurants and the theater are only allowed to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered with an additional negative corona test. Hotel guests must prove on arrival that they have been vaccinated or have recovered and that they undergo regular tests, for holiday apartments it remains a test on arrival.
  • The 2G-plus rule also applies to visits to museums, the cinema and the theater, including training in the gym. Clubs and discos have been closed for a long time.
  • From this Thursday, 2G will principally apply to shopping. Accordingly, regardless of the incidence, only those who have been vaccinated and recovered are allowed into the shops. Exceptions apply to shops with everyday goods. Vaccinated, convalescent and tested people are allowed to visit the hairdresser.

Corona rules in Lower Saxony

  • The rules here are divided into three warning levels. Warning level 2 currently applies to large parts of the country.
  • This is linked to the 2G plus rule, for example for Christmas markets or visits to the hairdresser. 2G plus also applies to events inside, for example in cinemas and theaters – outside, however, 2G.
  • When it comes to compulsory testing for vaccinated and convalescent people, the country is taking a different approach: People who have already received their booster vaccination no longer need additional test evidence. The exclusion of unvaccinated people from parts of the retail trade will apply from Saturday.

Corona rules in North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Anyone who has not been vaccinated or recovered will no longer come into every shop. Non-immunized persons are only allowed in shops for daily needs, access must be controlled from the shops.
  • Clubs and discos had to close – regardless of the new corona infection rate on site. The number of spectators at national sports, cultural and other major events are generally limited to 30 percent of their actual capacity.
  • In addition, the total number of spectators in the outdoor area is capped to a maximum of 15,000, in closed rooms to 5,000. Standing is taboo.
  • Christmas markets across the country remain open to vaccinated and convalescent people. The municipalities are also allowed to introduce stricter measures. Many have already imposed 2G rules for their Christmas markets.

Corona rules in Rhineland-Palatinate

  • Unvaccinated people are only allowed to meet people from their own household and two people from another household in private and in public spaces.
  • For outdoor events and where masks can be worn continuously, 2G applies. Where it is not always possible to wear masks, the 2G plus regulation applies, so vaccinated and convalescent people must also show a negative test. People with a booster vaccination are exempt from the obligation to test.
  • In retail there is again a person limit for the number of maximum customers. 2G applies to retail outlets – with the exception of shops for everyday needs. For large events with more than 1000 people, only 30 percent of the capacity may be used

Corona rules in Saarland

  • Here, too, there is a 2G access restriction in retail – with the exception of shops for everyday needs.
  • 2G also applies outdoors to restaurants and to leisure, sports and culture. Exercise alone or with one’s own household is excluded. Unvaccinated people are only allowed to meet one other person in addition to members of their own household.
  • For many indoor areas, it is no longer enough to be vaccinated or recovered. In addition, a negative corona test must be proven (2G plus). This applies, for example, to restaurants, overnight stays in hotels, visits to swimming pools, body-hugging services and fitness studios, as well as going to the theater, cinema or museum. Clubs and discos are closed.

Corona rules in Saxony

  • In Saxony there is a partial lockdown for large parts of public life.
  • Members of a household are only allowed to meet with one other person. Vaccinated, convalescent and children up to the age of 16 do not count. The serving and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in public places. The 2G rule applies to retail. Exceptions are, for example, supermarkets, drugstores, pharmacies and shops for pet supplies.
  • Hairdressers are open. With the exception of libraries, all cultural and leisure facilities are closed. A 2G certificate is required for restaurants. In regions with a weekly incidence of more than 1000, night curfews apply.

Corona rules in Saxony-Anhalt

  • Large parts of the retail trade, gastronomy, sporting and cultural events only have access to vaccinated and convalescent people. The new state ordinance provides for a number of exceptions to the 2G rule for retailers: In addition to food retailers, drug stores and pharmacies, bookshops, DIY stores, garden centers and bicycle shops are also excluded.
  • In restaurants and bars, 2G remains the same. If restaurateurs opt for a 2G-plus option model and also require current tests, masks and spaces are not required. In principle, 2G-plus applies in discos.
  • A maximum of half of the local capacity may be used for major sporting and cultural events – however, a maximum of 5,000 people are permitted indoors and 15,000 outdoors. The 2G-plus model is mandatory for major sporting events and choir events. If unvaccinated people want to meet with others in public or private space, contact restrictions apply.

Corona rules in Schleswig-Holstein

  • Unvaccinated people are excluded from large parts of public life. Children up to the age of seven and underage students who are regularly tested in school are excluded.
  • The basic principle: For leisure events, 2G applies indoors, for professional events and for young people 3G. 2G applies to discos, services with physical contact (except for hairdressers and medical and nursing services), indoor sports, overnight stays for tourists in hotels and closed rooms at Christmas markets.
  • Authorities can order the mask requirement for pedestrian zones and main shopping areas. Students must also wear a mask in class. Private meetings within closed rooms are permitted with up to ten unvaccinated people. Children under 14 years of age are excluded. Further tightening is planned.

Corona rules in Thuringia

  • Bars, clubs and discos had to close, as did saunas, swimming pools and adventure pools. There is a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. for people who have not been vaccinated and have not recovered from Covid-19. They also have to severely limit their contacts – to two other people outside the household, not counting those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and children under 12 years of age.
  • Regardless of immunization against the coronavirus, there is a curfew in restaurants for everyone: it ends at 10 p.m. In addition, a 2G regulation applies in this area and also in retail. Means: Only those who have recovered or have been vaccinated come in there. When doing sports in closed rooms, vaccinated Thuringians have so far even had to show a negative test (2G plus).

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