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Corona rules tightened drastically: What is now valid in my state?

The fourth corona wave now results in stricter measures. But which rules apply where? An overview of the corona rules in the federal states.

Berlin – The Corona summit is only a few days old. But the first federal states have already implemented the resolutions of the Prime Minister’s Conference, in some cases even tightened them. In some places, the new measures have been in effect since Saturday (December 4th, 2021). Among other things, there have been new corona rules in the supermarket since December. A firecracker ban has been announced for New Year’s Eve.

No wonder, the number of cases and the incidence in Germany have been rising rapidly for weeks. But in which federal state do which rules now apply? An overview.

Corona rules in Baden-Württemberg

  • For the time being, major events are completely banned in Baden-Württemberg.
  • For other events, such as football games, there is an upper limit of 750 visitors.
  • Clubs and discos have been closed since Saturday. Here, the federal government specifies a seven-day incidence of 350 as the threshold value.
  • Christmas markets are closed for the time being.
  • 2G Plus now applies to bars, restaurants and all leisure facilities such as cinemas, zoos and amusement parks in Baden-Württemberg. Means: Vaccinated and convalescent people also need a negative corona test.
  • The sale and consumption of alcohol in public places is prohibited.

Corona rules in Bavaria

  • No spectators are permitted at major professional sports events. This already applies to the games in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 this weekend (from December 4th, 2021).
  • Bars, clubs, discos, pubs and brothels have been closed since mid-November.
  • The Christmas and Christkindl markets have also been canceled.
  • The 2G rule applies to restaurants (inside and outside), retail and hotels in Bavaria.
  • From an incidence of 1000 in hotspots in Bavaria, all cultural, leisure and sporting events must be canceled. In addition, in this case the gastronomy, sports and cultural facilities as well as body-oriented service companies have to close.
  • University teaching should only take place digitally.

Corona rules in Berlin

  • In Berlin, a maximum of 5000 people are allowed for large outdoor events, and a maximum of 2500 people indoors.
  • The 2G rule applies to a large extent.
  • Christmas markets will remain open for the time being.
  • Although the incidence is over 350, clubs and discos will remain open for the time being. The option of closing is still being discussed.
  • However, as of Wednesday (December 8th, 2021) it is no longer allowed to dance.

Corona rules in Brandenburg

  • Brandenburg wants to implement the measures specified at the Corona summit.
  • The state cabinet is expected to implement the resolutions on Tuesday (December 7th, 2021).
  • The Christmas markets in Brandenburg are already closed.
  • The 2G rule applies, and even 2G Plus in clubs and discos. Because the incidence is well above the value of 350, the clubs are threatened with an early closure.
  • In addition, there is a nightly curfew (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) for unvaccinated people in hotspots where the incidence is above 750 on three consecutive days.

Corona rules in Bremen

  • The stricter corona measures will take effect in Bremen from Monday.
  • For the time being, the Christmas markets should remain open, observing the mask requirement, limited number of visitors and distance rules.
  • In clubs and discos, 2G Plus applies as long as the incidence stays below 350.
  • 2G applies in all other areas such as gastronomy.
  • The mask requirement also applies to all students from the first to the 13th grade.

Corona rules in Hamburg

  • The Corona resolutions have been in effect in Hamburg since Saturday (December 4th, 2021).
  • Exception: In the soccer game FC St. Pauli against FC Schalke 04 and in the handball match HSV Hamburg against THW Kiel on Sunday, the audience restrictions do not yet apply. These only apply from Monday (December 6th, 2021).
  • Since Saturday only children and young people under the age of 16 have been exempt from the 2G rule.
  • Otherwise, 2G applies in all areas of public life such as retail, clubs and restaurants.

Corona rules in Hessen

In Hesse, the corona rules have also been tightened drastically. An overview:

  • Some of the resolutions passed by the federal and state governments have already been implemented in Hesse.
  • There are also contact restrictions for unvaccinated people. From Sunday (December 5th, 2021), unvaccinated people in Hesse are only allowed to meet members of another household in public space.
  • For indoor events, a permit is required from Monday (December 6th, 2021) for 11 people or more, 2G Plus for 101 people or more and for 250 people or more. In the open air, 2G applies to 101 people or more and a permit is required from 3,000 people.
  • For soccer games, especially in the Bundesliga at Eintracht Frankfurt, a maximum of a quarter of the capacity should be used with a stadium capacity of 3000 guests or more.
  • Otherwise, 2G applies extensively in public spaces.

Corona rules in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

  • 2G Plus has been in effect in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in restaurants, trade fairs, cultural and leisure facilities, driving schools and body-friendly services since Wednesday (December 1st, 2021). Only children under the age of seven are exempt from this rule. Seven to eleven year olds must be tested, the same applies to 12 to 17 year olds by the end of the year.
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has already reached the red warning level. In other words, the resolutions formulated by the federal and state governments have already been implemented. If the red plus warning level applies in a district, even tougher measures such as the closure of cultural and leisure facilities apply.
  • Otherwise, the following applies: The resolutions agreed at the Corona summit apply in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from Tuesday (December 7th, 2021).

Corona rules in Lower Saxony

  • 2G Plus has been in effect in Lower Saxony since Wednesday (December 1st, 2021). Certified rapid tests are permitted.
  • The state government is currently considering exempting people who have received a booster vaccination from the obligation to test 2G Plus. The decision is still pending.

Corona rules in North Rhine-Westphalia

  • NRW wants to implement the corona measures without additional changes.
  • Large events (including football games) are therefore allowed, taking into account the intended restrictions.
  • 2G applies to a large extent, with the exception of those under the age of 16.
  • Clubs and discos have to close.

Corona rules in Rhineland-Palatinate

  • Since Saturday (December 4th, 2021), 2G has applied in Rhineland-Palatinate in areas where a mask can be worn (hairdresser, for example). This also applies to outdoor events. The Christmas markets will therefore remain open for the time being.
  • 2G Plus applies where a mask cannot be worn. This affects, among other things, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, sports (indoor use), body-hugging services such as cosmetics. A current test can be carried out on site under supervision. However, this is only valid for the special occasion, not for the whole day as general test evidence.
  • Stricter contact restrictions apply to unvaccinated people.

Corona rules in Saarland

  • For those who have not been vaccinated, the following applies in Saarland: Your own household may only meet one other person in both public and private areas.
  • From Monday (December 6th, 2021) 2G should apply in retail.
  • 2G Plus now applies to restaurants, hotels, body-hugging services, all indoor sports facilities (including swimming pools), thermal baths, saunas, cultural facilities, fitness studios and outdoor leisure facilities.
  • Clubs and discos have to close.
  • The mask requirement applies outside, where the minimum distance of 1.50 meters cannot be maintained, and inside when leaving the area.

Corona rules in Saxony

  • In Saxony, due to the high incidence, stricter corona rules have been in place since mid-November.
  • Unvaccinated people are only allowed to meet with their household plus one other person, with the exception of children and young people under 16 years of age.
  • 2G applies to retail and gastronomy, the opening times have been reduced to a maximum of 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Cultural and leisure facilities, clubs, bars and dance schools have been closed since November 22nd.
  • There are no major events or Christmas markets; a maximum of ten people are allowed to attend public meetings.
  • Night curfews apply from an incidence of over 1000.

Corona rules in Saxony-Anhalt

  • In Saxony-Anhalt, the resolutions from the Corona summit should take effect on Monday (December 6th, 2021).
  • In all schools, students should also be obliged to wear a mask (also in class) until the Christmas holidays.

Corona rules in Schleswig-Holstein

  • 2G has been in force in the retail sector in Schleswig-Holstein since Saturday (December 4th, 2021).
  • 2G Plus should apply in clubs and accommodation facilities (from December 15).
  • Unvaccinated people have to adjust to stricter contact restrictions.
  • When it comes to football for the second division Holstein Kiel, only 7500 spectators are allowed. At THW Kiel there are 5000, at Flensburg-Handewitt 3000.

Corona rules in Thuringia

  • The Christmas markets are closed in Thuringia. The same applies to bars, discos, clubs, swimming pools, saunas and the interiors of amusement parks.
  • 2G applies to retail, catering, accommodation and events. In addition, there is a curfew in the catering trade from 10 p.m.
  • Hotels now have to enter the contact details of their guests again.
  • There is a curfew between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. for unvaccinated people in Thuringia.
  • A maximum of 500 guests are allowed for public events indoors. 2G Plus applies to more than 50 people. A maximum of 1000 people are allowed outdoors.
  • For private events, 2G applies to 15 or more participants. A maximum of 50 people are allowed, outdoors a maximum of 100. The 2G rule applies here for 20 or more people.

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