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Daniel Craig cried on the last day of Bond shooting

For 16 years, actor Daniel Craig played the role of the most famous agent in the world. Towards the end, the James Bond actor got emotional.

London – 007 actor Daniel Craig (53) cried on the last day of shooting of his fifth and final James Bond thriller “No Time to Die”.

“It was raining outside. At the Pinewood studio, the whole crew applauded. It was very moving – an anti-climax. It’s been almost 16 years of my life. But James Bond did not cry – I cried, “said the 53-year-old of the” image “. The film, which has been postponed due to the corona pandemic, will celebrate its world premiere on Tuesday in London. The film will be released in German cinemas on Thursday.

Craig finds his last Bond film – 163 minutes long – particularly successful. He recently looked at it with friends. “I was really happy, very happy. Melancholy too. It is my best. A finale. I’m proud. ”With a laugh, he added:“ The fans have to decide that, of course. ”After the pandemic, the film can finally be celebrated. “It would have been a disaster if the film had to be streamed online. It is an event epic that celebrates the cinema. “

Craig wants to act while he can

After his exit as James Bond he wanted to start “the third act” of his life. He still loves making films. “It’s a massive thrill in my life. I’ll play as long as I can. I love the cinema. ”He doesn’t know who will be his successor as Bond. “No idea. That’s not my job anymore, “he answered the question and added:” The new guy has to reinvent Bond. “He thinks that deep down James Bond is a good person. He wants to protect humanity. But for that he does dubious things. “That’s his eternal conflict: he’s some kind of good old hero who has to do bad things. But he’s doing his best. The new Bond has to do that too, give his best. “

Royals expected for the film premiere

For the world premiere in the Royal Albert Hall in London, members of the British royal family are expected in addition to leading actor Craig and other stars of the film. Heir to the throne Prince Charles with his wife Duchess Camilla and his son Prince William with Duchess Kate have announced themselves. Pop star Billie Eilish, who sings the title song “No Time To Die”, is said to be among the guests.

Actually, the film by director Cary Joji Fukunaga should already start in April 2020. The premiere had been postponed several times due to the corona. dpa

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