NewsDuchess Meghan receives symbolic compensation

Duchess Meghan receives symbolic compensation

It’s not about the money, but about principles. Duchess Meghan only gets one pound after winning a lawsuit with a British newspaper.

London – According to a media report, Duchess Meghan will only receive the symbolic amount of one pound (1.20 euros) in compensation for the inadmissible invasion of her privacy as a result of her legal dispute against the “Mail on Sunday”.

The “Guardian” reported on Wednesday, citing court documents. Meghan (40) had sued the tabloid publisher because it had partially published a personal letter to her father, and was also right.

Meghan is concerned with principles

“Normally one would expect 75,000 to 125,000 pounds (just under 90,000 to 150,000 euros) for such an invasion of privacy,” said media attorney Mark Stephens of the Guardian.

On the other hand, the defeat in the case of Meghan’s copyright infringement through the publication of the letter is likely to be more expensive for the publisher. In addition, according to the report, the newspaper will have to pay a portion of Meghan’s court costs, which could amount to more than a million pounds.

Duchess Meghan had previously emphasized that the legal dispute was not about money, but about principles. Any sums that Meghan would benefit from the process should be donated, according to a spokesman.

On Boxing Day, the “Mail on Sunday” and “MailOnline” had recognized their defeat against Meghan in an official statement. It was part of the requirements to publish such a declaration in the gazette and online. dpa

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