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Gender reveal parties or baby gender reveal: games and decoration to make it a success

A few days ago I shared an article in which I talked about gender reveal or baby gender reveal parties, explaining what they are, what they consist of and what are the basic things needed to prepare one.

Today we return to the theme of this type of celebration, but we focus more on the things that will be needed for the day of the event. We share ideas of fun games as well as decorations that cannot be missing at a gender reveal or baby gender reveal party .

What is a gender reveal party

Before we proceed to the games and decorations, let’s do a quick review of what a gender reveal party is. As its name implies, it is a meeting or celebration in which it is made known if the couple is expecting a boy or a girl . This celebration, like the now famous baby showers, is a trend that has been imported from the United States and is becoming increasingly popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

The idea is that future parents organize a small meeting with family and close friends, in which everyone discovers in a fun and creative way if the baby that is on the way is a boy or a girl.

For this reason, in this type of party there are two elements that cannot be missing: games, to make the wait and the reveal more fun, and the decorations, which will set the mood and highlight the emotion of the event.

Game ideas for a gender reveal party

We start with the games. The most fun of this type of party is guessing if the baby will be a boy or a girl, which is why most of the games are focused on that.

Analyze the belly

Although we know that the shape and size of the belly can not predict the gender of the baby, trying to guess it is always fun. According to popular belief, if the belly during pregnancy is large and round, a girl is expected. If the belly is shaped like a beak, then the one on the way is a boy.

Are you a boy’s team or a girl’s team?

Do a little survey among the guests, asking them what they hope the baby will be. To make it more fun, you can ask the guests to write it down on a piece of paper, so that they can check at the end who got it right and who didn’t.

name race

How about a name race? With this downloadable that we have found in Aspen Jay they will be able to make a contest among the guests. The first person to finish filling both cards with a name with each letter of the alphabet wins.

Decipher the ultrasound

Put the ultrasound in a photo frame and ask your guests to try to decipher it and guess if the baby you are expecting is a boy or a girl.

Don’t say “boy” or “girl”

This is a game that is usually played with the word “baby” at baby showers, but we can also adapt it to gender reveal parties. It is about avoiding saying two words: “boy” and “girl”.

We can save this game for last, since each guest has provided their vote, or set a certain time to play it (for half an hour or an hour, for example).

In a bucket we place clothespins, so that each guest takes five clothespins at the beginning of the game. Every time he hears another say “boy” or “girl” during the game, he removes a clothespin and takes it as his own. The one with the most at the end wins. If you don’t have tweezers, you can choose any other object (candies, chickpeas…).

Decorations for a gender reveal party

Finally we come to the decorations, which as I have mentioned, are an essential element for our party and that will help us with the setting.

Regularly, in this type of party, the decorations include the traditional colors for girls and boys: pink and blue, to indicate that the sex of the baby is not yet known.

Decorative background

We start our list of decorations with a banner or banner, which will serve to decorate the party and as a background to take pictures before the big reveal.

Rosa y Azul Revelación Género Decoraciones, Fiesta Bienvenida a Bebé Pancarta Decoración, Banner Sorpresa Género, Fondo de Fotografía Baby Shower, 150 x 210 cm

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One of the most fun things about gender reveal parties is that the guests try to guess the gender of the baby (as we will see later in the game ideas) to form two teams: one girl and one boy and a sticker of the chosen color is placed.

Etiqueta RevelacióN GéNero,48 Piezas Pegatinas de Revelación de Género,Pegatinas de Baby Shower,Etiqueta de Género Equipo Para Decoraciones De Baby Shower

Gender Reveal Label, 48 Pieces Gender Reveal Stickers, Baby Shower Stickers, Gender Label Kit for Baby Shower Decorations

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Silicon bracelets

An alternative to stickers are these silicone bracelets for the members of each team.

OLILLY 12 pulseras de silicona para Gender Reveal Baby Shower – 6 pulseras Team Boy y 6 pulseras de equipo para mujer – Talla de adulto (12 brazales)

OLILLY 12 Gender Reveal Baby Shower Silicone Bracelets – 6 Team Boy Bracelets and 6 Team Women Bracelets – Adult Size (12 Bracelets)

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decorative pennant

Continuing with the decorations, something that cannot be missing is a decorative garland or pennant, which we can place on a wall or on the gift or dessert table.

Banderín para niño o niña Amscan – 120212, de 4,5 m

Amscan 120212 Boy or Girl Bunting 4.5m

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Something small but that serves to give an extra touch to the tables of the guests, is to place colored confetti on them, in this case it can be a mixture where pink and blue predominate.

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Pink and Blue Baby Gender Reveal Confetti Pink Confetti Rose Gold Round Sequin Tissue Paper Confetti Table Gold Confetti for Baby Gender Reveal Party Supplies, 2.1 oz

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Toppers para cupcake

Cupcakes are one of the most common desserts at parties and gatherings, so we can also find some toppers online to decorate them according to our gender reveal party.

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disposable tableware

We cannot forget the plates, glasses and napkins for the food and drinks that we will serve in our meeting. We have found these with a design for a baby gender reveal.

BESTZY Gender Reveal Party Supplies, Baby Girl or Boy Reveal Party Decoretion Supplies con vajilla,Vajilla Desechable, Platos, Pajas para Fiesta de Bienvenida al Bebé Gender Reveal Girl o Boy.

BESTZY Gender Reveal Party Supplies, Baby Girl or Boy Reveal Party Decoretion Supplies with Tableware, Disposable Tableware, Plates, Straws for Gender Reveal Girl or Boy Baby Shower.

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giant globe

For the moment of revealing the baby’s gender, there are several ways to do it. One of them is filling a black balloon with pink or blue pieces of paper, which we will later burst to find out if a boy or a girl is expected.

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Meowoo Gender Reveal Balloons, Large Latex Balloons Boy or Girl 90cm with Pink and Blue Confetti for Party Decoration (Black)

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Powder and confetti cannons

Another fun way to make the announcement is by using cannons filled with blue or pink powder or confetti.

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