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Getting pregnant in July: pros, cons and when will your baby be born

If you are looking for a baby, perhaps this July is the month that gives you the greatest joy and you discover that you are pregnant. If so, we want to analyze the advantages and disadvantages that you will have when living through your nine months of pregnancy at the time of the year that touches you, as well as the month in which your baby will be born.

Advantages and disadvantages of getting pregnant in July

In the northern hemisphere, and specifically in Spain, the month of July is the hottest of the year, which can cause some inconvenience to pregnant women. But July is also the month of light, the endless hours of sunshine and the summer holidays, factors that lead to conception .

Getting pregnant in July has great advantages that you will discover throughout your pregnancy. But we are not going to fool you; There are also some small inconveniences, although these will be forgotten when you see your baby’s face.

In any case, if you want to know right away all the advantages and disadvantages that await you over the next nine months , we will detail them below by quarter.

First trimester: August, September and October

Among the typical discomforts of the first trimester of pregnancy are nausea. Not surprisingly, it is estimated that approximately 80% of pregnant women suffer from them, and it is truly distressing. Nausea worsens with heat , so depending on the exact moment of conception, it is possible that two of the first three months of pregnancy you live in the middle of summer, with all that this implies.

Also tiredness and sleep, common symptoms during the first trimester, could increase at this time of year due to high temperatures.

Another aspect that you should take into account is that, although the fact of traveling during the first trimester of pregnancy is not specifically contradicted (as long as it is not a risk pregnancy or the doctor considers it so), it is not usually the case. more recommended, especially if we are going to travel long distances. Also keep in mind that during the first weeks you should visit your doctor or midwife relatively frequently to perform the first pregnancy tests and tests.

But not everything is bad! If you are lucky enough to live a first trimester free of symptoms (or at least, that these are bearable), being pregnant in summer also has very positive aspects. To begin with, you do not have a tummy to bother you when it comes to resting or enjoying yourself , as well as having more free time to prepare for the arrival of your baby.

Second quarter: November, December and January

Women who become pregnant throughout the month of July, live the second trimester of pregnancy between the months of November and January, with the Christmas holidays as the protagonists .

Since the volume of the gut during the second part of pregnancy is not yet bulky, you will be able to enjoy Christmas to the fullest , a date that is already magical in itself, during pregnancy you live with a special illusion.

Of course, you should take care of copious meals at this time, as they aggravate digestive symptoms such as heartburn or constipation, which begin to be accused during the second trimester. It is also important that you take it easy on your Christmas shopping and preparations, as well as commitments with family and friends.

Finally, remember to take special care of your health in this cold season, since colds and flu typical of this season of the year cause very annoying symptoms during pregnancy, also increasing the risk of complications.

Third quarter: February, March and April

You will live the last stage of your pregnancy at the gates of spring . You will notice how the days begin to lengthen, the temperatures to soften and … the pollen will begin to do its thing!

And it is that during the months of February and March some of the trees that we find most frequently in the streets and parks of the cities, such as the common cypress, the birch or the plane tree, pollinate.

If you are allergic to pollen and suffer from itchy nose and eyes, sneezing, watery eyes or asthma, you should know that not all allergy medications are compatible during pregnancy, so it is essential to put yourself in the hands of specialists who will advise you on the best treatment to follow, as certain symptoms that are poorly controlled or not treated could endanger your health and that of your baby.

If, on the other hand, you do not suffer from a spring allergy, you will be able to enjoy this last stage of your pregnancy to the fullest and take the opportunity to walk and exercise outdoors , and thus face childbirth in the best possible physical condition.

When your baby is born

Becoming pregnant in the month of July implies that your probable due date will be in March or April, depending on the time of the month in which conception occurred.

Being born in spring has great advantages , since the days begin to have more hours of light and the temperatures become more and more pleasant, which makes it easier for you to go for a walk with your baby almost from the first day, benefiting from vitamin D of the sun that you need so much.

For the recent mother, giving birth in spring also has very positive aspects , since spending time outdoors and in the sun will help you in your postpartum recovery and improve your mood. In addition, for the summer you will already be fully recovered to enjoy your first vacation with your baby.

If we look at the character of the baby according to the time of year in which it will be born (a curious fact, although completely anecdotal), an investigation carried out by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology in Berlin concluded that boys and girls born in spring tend to show more optimistic and energetic than those born in the other seasons of the year.

Regarding the health of the baby during its first weeks of life , although the typical “itis” of winter will have already disappeared, we are entering a time of year in which other types of viruses proliferate responsible for diseases such as gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis and otitis. A lot of caution, especially if the baby has siblings in kindergarten or school.

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