FunHow much water can an elephant pour out of...

How much water can an elephant pour out of its trunk?

In a single gulp, an elephant is capable of collecting up to 15 liters of water with its trunk and throwing them on its body during the bath . It is like a pressure jet shower, as its supernapia, which arises from the fusion of the nose and the upper lip, stands as a powerful propellant. This is made up of thousands of muscles, both longitudinal and concentric.

The shower helps you to remove dirt and parasites from the skin , but also to cool off in the torrid environments in which you live, which is key, since its surface is proportionally small in relation to body volume, and that makes it difficult to heat dissipation.

After the invigorating shower, the elephant uses its trunk to spray its body with mud, which when drying forms a film of mud that acts as a photoprotective cream .

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