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How to communicate and connect with your baby in pregnancy

Just as situations of maternal stress or depression have negative effects on the unborn child, communicating with the baby in pregnancy is very beneficial for their emotional development.

Years ago not much was known about the prenatal stage, but now we know that life before birth is decisive for the future. The experiences and sensations that the baby lives in the womb will be essential for the formation of his personality.

The little person in the making is a sensitive being, with a great capacity to process stimuli that come from outside. You can hear the voice of your parents, the music and feel the caresses.

Being connected with the baby, feeling and talking to him helps to create an early emotional bond with the unborn child, even before seeing his face. In addition, connecting with the baby allows the mother and father to enjoy the pregnancy more fully.

There are several ways to communicate and connect with the baby in pregnancy:

Talk to the unborn baby

His mother’s voice is the most intense stimulus he receives from the outside . Although during the first trimester his auditory system is not complete to perceive sounds, it is advisable to start talking to him from the beginning of pregnancy. It is a way of affirming his presence and showing him how happy it makes you to have him inside you.

Around the fourth month of pregnancy she is able to hear sounds, Dad’s voice and especially Mom’s voice because she hears it more frequently and more clearly, but also because she has a preference for high-pitched sounds. Later, he is even able to distinguish his mother’s voice among other voices, due to their intonation and rhythm.

How do you talk to him?

Look for quiet moments, preferably at a specific time of day, for example at night. Relax with your partner after dinner (after meals the baby is usually more active and receptive), find a quiet place with background music if you prefer, visualize your baby inside you and tell him what comes up.

You have to use spontaneous phrases, it has to be a natural communication, use a soft and direct tone, and say sweet and beautiful things to him (how much you love him, what you are preparing for his arrival, etc.). You can also sing or tell stories to him, even if he does not understand them, he will enjoy the cadence of the voice when telling.

Talking to the baby before birth will make that once born, listening to the voice of his mother remember the security he felt inside the womb.

It is a simple and effective way to communicate with the baby that both you and your partner, and especially the child himself, will enjoy.


Haptonomy is the so-called science of affectivity or the science of touch. It comes from the conjunction of the classical Greek terms “hapsis” that designates the touch, the sense, the feeling, and “nomos” that designates the law, the rule, the norm.

It consists of establishing an interaction with the baby through tactile contact and breathing . Touching the belly, making movements, gentle pressure, massage, walking with the fingers and taking deep breaths can communicate with the baby.

It is recommended to start from when your movements begin to be felt. At this point you can get an idea of the position of the baby inside the womb and notice how it reacts to your stimuli.

How is haptonomy practiced?

They are courses that are carried out individually (as a couple) guided by a professional who then continue to be practiced at home. It consists, basically, first of locating the position of the baby inside the uterus to feel it with your hands, take deep breaths imagining that the air has a color (whatever you want) and make it descend through the thorax until it floods the little one. When you expire, imagine that the air comes out through the navel, the belly deflates and you can hug the baby as if you were cradling him.

Communicate through music

Prenatal stimulation through music is also an effective and pleasant way to establish contact with the baby .

Music therapy sessions for pregnant women can be carried out in specialized centers with classes led by a music therapist, but you can also do your home sessions in the privacy of your home.

In a relaxed atmosphere you can listen to classical music, preferably Mozart. Studies have shown the preference of babies for their compositions due to their distinctive characteristics such as frequencies, melodies, the harmony of their rhythms. Also the classic bedtime songs are a good option.

The vibrations reach the fetus through the walls of the uterus causing pleasant sensations in it, activating neurons and increasing the heart rate.

In addition to being a creative way of communicating with the baby in pregnancy , having been influenced by music in a sequential and orderly manner from gestation helps improve concentration as well as coordination and creativity of the unborn child.

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