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How to relieve heartburn or heartburn in pregnancy

Heartburn in pregnancy is one of the most common complaints in pregnancy. It is caused by the action of hormones and can appear at any time, although it worsens in the third trimester due to the pressure exerted by the uterus on the stomach, also making digestion slower.

It happens when there is a relaxation of the muscular ring that is between the esophagus and the stomach, allowing stomach acids and part of the digested food to flow back into the esophagus causing burning or burning . It is a very unpleasant feeling, so we will tell you how to alleviate it .

Tips to relieve heartburn in pregnancy

Eat several meals a day

If you have a heartburn problem, the solution is to eat five or six small meals a day instead of one or two large ones.

Eating small amounts several times a day helps better digestion and reduces the sensation of heartburn.

Avoid certain foods

Avoid processed foods such as cold cuts, preserves, precooked, citrus fruits, raw leafy vegetables, excitements such as coffee, soda, black tea, chocolate, pepper, and of course, alcohol.

For his part, try to minimize fried. He prefers healthier ways of cooking food such as grilled, baked or steamed. Instead, choose foods that help keep acidity at bay, those with alkaline pH , such as fruits and vegetables, especially cooked to aid digestion, cereals and derivatives, and well-cooked legumes.

Chew slowly

It helps your body to make a better digestion. Start by chewing your food slowly. Eat slowly and take breaks. You can even get up and walk a few steps between plates.

Digestive infusions

After eating you can take a digestive infusion of chamomile, ginger (which also helps to relieve nausea) or pennyroyal to facilitate the digestion process.

Liquids between meals

Increase your fluid intake but in small sips and between meals. Drinking too much during meals increases the volume of the stomach and interferes with digestion.

Avoid carbonated or carbonated drinks

Since they distend the stomach with air and this favors the return of the content to the esophagus by increasing its volume.

Wait before going to bed

Don’t lie down right after eating because you will cause reflux to occur. Wait at least an hour to go to bed after eating and try to sleep up a bit, not completely horizontal.


Ask your doctor about the use of antacids during pregnancy.

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