FunIs the red fish that smart?

Is the red fish that smart?

Despite popular belief, some fish are not that stupid. This is the case of the red fish or Carassius auratus , which has a certain degree of intelligence . For example, it is able to understand when its owner approaches the aquarium to feed it. In addition, it has the ability to develop some strategies : if some other fish faster than itself wants to appropriate the food, the C arassius does not try to compete. What it does is wait for the fast fish to be distracted or trust the food to sink to the bottom to catch it.

The red fish, also called Japanese fish or gold carp , is native to subtropical regions, although it is currently very widespread in Europe. It belongs to the cyprinid family and is the most popular species among temperate or cold water fish. He is 18 inches tall and has a mild temperament. Its coloration ranges from greyish yellow to silver gray. From this primitive tonality, through crosses, other colors emerged.

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