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Maternity girdles during pregnancy: are they recommended, when to use them and how to choose them?

As the pregnant belly grows in size and gains weight, especially from the second half of pregnancy, many women begin to experience pain and discomfort in the lower back and pelvic area.

A maternity girdle is a garment that fits around the belly of the pregnant woman to support the lumbar area and the lower part of the belly , helping to reduce discomfort caused by the weight of the belly. But, are they recommended, when should we use them and how to choose them?

What is a maternity girdle like?

The most used for its comfort is a high elastic fabric panty that is adjusted to the belly and helps to support its weight. There are also others that consist of a wide strip of elastic fabric that closes with Velcro and adjusts around the belly to the extent that the mother wishes.

Is its use recommended in pregnancy?

Studies conclude that the use of support garments during pregnancy could have beneficial effects such as: reducing pain (such as low back pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction and sacroiliac joint pain), improving function and mobility, as well as reducing risk of falls during pregnancy.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) in its prenatal care recommendations for a positive experience of pregnancy, recommends the practice of regular exercise during pregnancy, as well as the use of support belts as a therapeutic option to prevent low back pain and pelvic pain .

When to use a maternity girdle?

It is best to exercise regularly during pregnancy, such as swimming or walking, to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen, which are what help to support the weight of the belly naturally.

A support belt should not replace exercise, but we can use it as support and relief when we feel pain or pressure from the belly on the pelvis.

These discomforts begin to be more noticeable after the 30th week of pregnancy , although it is something very variable depending on each woman.

How to choose a maternity girdle?

The panty-style ones are recommended to be made of an elastic cotton fabric, to be soft and breathable, ideally without seams.

For those pregnant women who spend a lot of time on their feet, and for pregnant women with multiple gestations (twins, triplets… ) , support belts with reinforcements in the lumbar area and the pelvic area that the mother can adjust to her comfort are more suitable. .

Maternity girdles to choose from:

  • Short-type girdle with reinforcement on the belly and back
MAGIC Bodyfashion
Culotte premamá con refuerzo en vientre y espalda

MAGIC Bodyfashion Maternity shorts with reinforced belly and back

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  • Full support girdle with reinforcement on the back, does not move
Faja de embarazo para sujeción Carriwell

Carriwell support pregnancy girdle

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  • High-rise maternity briefs with light belly and lower back support
Braguita alta de maternidad Carriwell

Carriwell Maternity High Panty

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  • Short girdle panty with flat seams
Leonisa Braga Faja para el Embarazo Máximo Soporte & Confort

Leonisa Braga Girdle for Pregnancy Maximum Support & Comfort

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  • Seven band belt to give support in each trimester
BABYGO 4-1 Cinturón Apoyo Embarazada, Maternidad Faja, Premamá Banda - para Espalda, Pelvis, Caderas, Abdominals, Disfunción el Pubis de la Sínfisis, Ciática con Manual M Negro

BABYGO 4-1 Pregnant Support Belt, Maternity Girdle, Maternity Band – for Back, Pelvis, Hips, Abdominals, Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction, Sciatica with Manual M Black

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  • Medela abdominal band
Banda abdominal Medela de apoyo para el embarazo y la cama semanal para apoyo del abdomen y alivio adicional.

Medela pregnancy support abdominal band and weekly bed for support of the abdomen and additional relief.

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Premama girdles , both in the form of high-waisted panties and elastic bands, can help reduce the typical discomfort caused by the weight of the belly during pregnancy.

What is not convenient is the routine use of postpartum girdles, since it has not been shown that they work to recover the figure and prolonged use could replace the support function that the woman’s own abdominal and lumbar muscles should perform. .

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