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No Adverse Reactions From Covid Vaccine Found In Pregnant Women, New Study Finds

The Covid vaccine is one of the biggest concerns of pregnant women, being a frequent reason for consultation in prenatal check-ups. The short time that it has been used generates uncertainty, but we are learning about new studies on its safety and adverse effects, and one of the last, which we are talking about today, which concludes that no adverse reactions of the vaccine have been found in pregnant women other than the rest. of the population .

The research, which was carried out by the University of Washington School of Medicine in more than 17,000 pregnant and lactating women who received the Covid-19 vaccine, shows that pregnant women did not experience more severe symptoms than non-pregnant women .

Vaccinated pregnant women do not have more serious reactions

The study was published in the scientific journal ‘JAMA Network Open’ and ensures that “there was no increase in reactions in pregnant people beyond what is expected from a vaccine,” explained Dr. Linda Eckert, lead author of the study.

Among those surveyed were pregnant (44%) or lactating women (38%) and women planning to become pregnant in the near future (15%).

The majority (62%) received the Pfizer vaccine and the majority of the participants resided in the United States.

Respondents reported injection site pain (91%) and fatigue (31%), and a mean temperature of 37 degrees Celsius after injection. A small group (5-7%) reported a decrease in milk production after vaccination.

Research shows that pregnant women tolerate the vaccine well and only had injection site pain, fatigue, and mild post-injection temperature.

Information that reassures pregnant women who are doubting about the adverse effects that immunization could have. And one more opportunity to remember that contracting Covid in pregnancy increases the risk of serious consequences for the pregnant woman and for the baby.

“We hope these data are other reassuring information … about the need for pregnant women to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Not only is the vaccine safe, but our research shows how well the vaccine is tolerated in the pregnant people, which is a common fear that I hear from my patients . On the contrary, we continue to learn more and more about how dangerous Covid-19 infections are in pregnancy, “Eckert highlights.

There are currently 20,000 women enrolled in the study and new respondents continue to post their experiences.

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