NewsOffspring of rare finger animals in the Frankfurt Zoo

Offspring of rare finger animals in the Frankfurt Zoo

They find it difficult to reproduce. The joy in the Frankfurt Zoo is all the greater after the birth of a tiny finger animal. In the wild, the lemur species lives exclusively in Madagascar.

Frankfurt / Main – The Frankfurt Zoo can look forward to a small miracle: The finger animals have offspring – and that is very rare.

As the zoo announced on Thursday, a male cub of these rare primates was born there on October 26th. According to zoo curator Johannes Köhler, the aye-aye, also known as the aye-aye, has an “extremely low reproductive rate”. According to this, a female only gives birth to a single cub every two years. “It is all the more important that the youngsters develop well,” said Köhler.

The Frankfurt Zoo thus houses a total of four finger animals, which are mainly characterized by the thin middle fingers with long claws and the distinctive eyes. According to the information, the lemur species only lives in freedom in Madagascar and is on the red list of endangered species. A finger animal was born in captivity for the first time in Germany in 2010 in the Frankfurt Zoo. dpa

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