NewsPaul McCartney reveals his favorite bagel recipe

Paul McCartney reveals his favorite bagel recipe

The Marmite spread divides the British nation into fans and opponents. Now the public finds out which group the ex-Beatle apparently belongs to.

London – British pop legend Paul McCartney revealed the recipe for his favorite bagel.

"First I put marmite on it and then a lettuce leaf, because there is also hummus on it and it drips through the hole when I don't put a salad on it," said the ex-Beatle in a conversation published on Twitter about his "Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen ”cookbook. In the newly published book, the musician brings out the vegetarian recipes of his wife Linda, who died of cancer in 1998.

McCartney's tweet

The Marmite spread is a typical British specialty that divides the country into fans and opponents. Cheese, tomato slices and pickles are also welcome on the pop star's bagel. "And then you still need a salad barrier, because you have to consider that there is still a hole at the top," says the 79-year-old. A little honey mustard rounds off the recipe. dpa

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