NewsPoisoning in Darmstadt: University speaks of attack

Poisoning in Darmstadt: University speaks of attack

Several people have a drink at TU Darmstadt – then their extremities change color and they feel uncomfortable. The university speaks of a poison attack, it is investigated for attempted murder.

Darmstadt – After the symptoms of poisoning in at least seven people at the Technical University of Darmstadt, the university speaks of a suspected poison attack. “We are shocked by the obvious crime that has occurred at our university,” said the president of the university, Tanja Brühl.

After initial investigations by the police, those affected are believed to have been victims of a poison attack. “I will contact you personally as soon as possible, provided your condition allows it.”

The prosecution is now investigating attempted murder. The police set up the 40-strong homicide squad named “Light”, as they announced on Tuesday. “The investigations are currently in full swing and the police are doing everything they can to promptly identify the perpetrator (s).”

Until early morning, the emergency services searched the grounds of the Lichtwiese campus for further contaminated food, as the police announced. According to the police, several people were brought to clinics yesterday with symptoms of intoxication such as malaise and discoloration. A laboratory analysis should show which substance is involved. Other food and drinks that were on campus are also examined.

Suspicious substances found

The police assume that several milk cartons and water containers in building L201 on campus were mixed with the substance between Friday and Monday. “The pungent smell of the affected liquids” is particularly noticeable, it said in the evening.

Six people who had previously had a drink or ate in the building came to the hospital yesterday with symptoms of poisoning. The health of a 30-year-old student was still critical, it said late in the evening.

The police and the TU Presidium advise not to eat or drink any food or drink that was stored in rooms on the Lichtwiese campus during the alleged crime period. Anyone who drank or ate something on Monday in building L201 and feels uncomfortable or whose extremities are now bluish should seek medical help immediately. In the case of discoloration, one should not move as much as possible and call the emergency doctor immediately. dpa

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