NewsPolice find dead deer wearing a safety vest

Police find dead deer wearing a safety vest

A bizarre sight even for experienced police officers: officers find a dead deer on a country road near Darmstadt – wearing a safety vest.

[Fischbachtal -] In the Hessian community Fischbachtal-Niedernhausen near Darmstadt, officials have found a dead deer wearing a safety vest.

As the police announced on Monday night, an animal lying on the street was reported late Sunday evening. To the astonishment of the police officers, they found the deer wearing a safety vest.

Except for a few parts of the vehicle, there was no trace of the driver of the accident or his car. At first it was not possible to clarify who ultimately “secured” the dead animal. Even experienced police officers have not seen that, the police said in the statement. [dpa]

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