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Prince Charles: Confidante is said to have mediated accolade for money

A close employee of Prince Charles is said to have offered a major Saudi donor to organize an honorary title.

London – He is said to have helped a major donor from Saudi Arabia to get an honorary title: Now a close employee of Prince Charles from the United Kingdom is leaving his position as head of a charity.

The businessman Mahfus Marai Mubarak had donated at least 1.5 million pounds (the equivalent of just under 1.75 million euros) for projects of the Prince’s Foundation and in November 2016 was the heir to the throne in a private ceremony as CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) was honored.

Prince Charles: Employees are said to have brokered titles for money

The British newspapers Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday now reported that the Foundation’s head Michael Fawcett had assured Mahfus advisors that he and other Charles employees would help secure an honor. According to the mail, Fawcett is said to have subsequently also promised support in ensuring that Mahfus receives an even higher order, the knight commander title associated with an accolade, as well as British citizenship.

On a castle in Scotland, a residence of Charles, which formerly belonged to the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, a piece of wood is also named after Mahfus.

Corruption around Prince Charles? Investigation initiated

A spokesman for Mahfus told the newspapers that the major donor had no influence over the decision and was not expecting anything in return. The Prince’s Foundation opened an investigation. “Michael Fawcett has offered to temporarily step down from his duties as head of the Prince’s Foundation while the investigation continues. The Prince’s Foundation has accepted this offer. Michael Fawcett fully supports the ongoing investigation, ”said chairman Douglas Connell to the Mail on Sunday.

According to media reports, Emily Cherrington, a senior manager at the organization, will temporarily take over the helm. “The Prince’s Foundation takes the allegations that have recently emerged very seriously and the matter is currently being investigated,” said a spokesman for the foundation. Despite the incident, they are “incredibly proud” of the charity work and the positive impact the Prince’s Foundation has had on the UK and the world. “In particular, our training and further education programs benefit more than 15,000 people each year,” said the spokesman.

Michael Fawcett


Michael Fawcett

Fawcett was Prince Charles’ valet

Fawcett had been with the palace since 1981, working his way up to the valet of the Queen’s eldest son. In 2003 he was acquitted of allegations that he should have put a share in his own pocket when selling royal gifts. Nevertheless, he resigned, also because the investigation report criticized his behavior in the palace. However, he remained a close confidante of Charles and continued to work as his event manager. 2018 was named head of the Prince’s Foundation.

For the charity, this is the second serious allegation in a short period of time. An important fundraiser recently admitted to having received a five percent commission. At the same time, he emphasized that it was a normal process. (tvd / dpa)

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