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“You are the worst mother in the world”: how to react to those phrases that your adolescent son says to you but does not...

"You are the worst mother in the world." "I don't want to see you again in my life." These and other similar ones are somewhat hurtful phrases that we have sometimes heard from our adolescent children and that it is normal that they do not leave us indifferent.

My teenage son just wants to be in his room: what can we do

Adolescence is a time full of challenges, both for those who are at this point in the developmental life cycle and for parents.

My teenage son challenges me: what we parents can do when they rebel

Challenging behaviors are normal within the adolescent stage, and it is right there when our children begin to test what the limits are. However, this can be a real challenge for parents.

The arrival of a little brother: what can your first child feel and how to accompany him?

The arrival of a new baby in the family is a moment full of many emotions, illusion and, let's face it, a little fear. If this process can seem overwhelming as adults, imagine how it can be from the perspective of your oldest child (who may still be young).

Lecturing your children does not serve to educate: why children (or anyone else) like to be lectured

The way we communicate with our children greatly influences their psychological development. Thus, children who receive positive comments, who are treated with respect and love, and who dialogue in an open and trusting environment will develop skills and a stronger and healthier self-esteem.

"Do you think you live in a hotel?" and other phrases we say to our teenagers when we don't understand their behavior

Adolescence is a stage full of changes and challenges for everyone. In the first place for the adolescent himself, who is going through a transformative stage in which he begins to define his identity. And secondly for his parents, who must learn to accompany him in a new and different way to how they had been doing throughout childhood.

How to explain to children where babies come from

Sooner or later, every child asks a question that makes many parents nervous: where do babies come from? Some children do it out of curiosity and try to understand how they got into mom's belly, while others ask it for the first time when they find out that a little brother is on the way.

11 common mistakes we make with our teenagers (and that distance us from them)

Parenting involves caring, educating and many other things. Therefore, it is not easy at all, it is quite a challenge! Both when children are young and when they grow up.


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