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Take care of your posture during pregnancy: nine tips to maintain correct postural hygiene and avoid back pain

Some frequent discomforts during pregnancy are caused by the body changes experienced by the woman and the consequent postural changes, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Today we analyze what these alterations are and what advice you can follow to achieve a good posture during pregnancy.

Why does my back hurt during pregnancy?

As the uterus increases in size, the internal organs shift slightly out of position. In turn, postural changes of the skeleton take place that adapts to pregnancy and prepares for childbirth.

These changes are basically two: on the one hand, the relaxation of the pelvic joints to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal, and on the other the displacement of the center of gravity caused by the weight that the abdomen gains as that the gestation progresses.

These musculoskeletal alterations modify body balance, and to compensate the mother adopts incorrect postures , such as throwing her shoulders back and arching her neck, or excessively arching the lower back when standing, causing tension and pain in the lower part of the back.

Precisely back pain during pregnancy is very frequent due to the increase in the curvature of the spine and the relaxation of the abdominal and buttock muscles.

How to take care of your body posture during pregnancy

To avoid these pain and other discomfort related to the position, remember that it is very important to find a suitable posture in all the daily activities you do, in addition to following a series of tips:

  • Don’t stand still for a long time . In the event that for work reasons you have no choice but to spend several hours a day on your feet, follow these recommendations to avoid discomfort, as far as possible.

  • When you walk, try to always keep your back straight , with relaxed shoulders and neck. And when you stop remember to distribute the weight of your body on both legs, that is, not to load one leg more than the other.

  • When you are sitting, try to support your entire back on the backrest, using cushions if necessary. You can also use a small stool to slightly elevate your feet.

  • Whenever you can, replace the chair or couch with a Pilates ball or fitball . Sitting and exercising on this ball not only favors body posture helping to reduce back and lumbar pain, but certain exercises help to mobilize the pelvis, relieve the weight of the pelvic floor and even make it easier for the baby to turn when he is not well. placed.

  • When bending over, you have to do it by bending your knees , never bending your back. Try not to lift too much weight that could cause a muscle pull or too much effort.

  • When you are lying in bed and you have to get up , turn to the side first, lift your upper body slowly resting your hands on the mattress and once sitting, get up supporting all your weight on both legs.

  • In the last trimester of pregnancy, it is likely that you will find it difficult to find a suitable position to rest. It will help you to lie on your side (better on the left side) and place a pillow between your knees , bending the leg that is on top of the pillow. You can also place a small pillow under your belly to avoid stretching the ligaments of the uterus, which often cause discomfort.

  • Regarding the best positions to have sex in the final stretch of pregnancy are those that avoid abdominal pressure, such as on the side, on all fours or sitting on the man.

  • Finally, remember that regular exercise is essential during pregnancy to keep fit and help the body adapt to changes gradually. Thus, a gentle exercise routine is very beneficial, and it is especially recommended to swim, walk or practice yoga or Pilates.

By following these tips to maintain good posture during pregnancy you will surely avoid a lot of discomfort. However, if the pain persists or prevents you from resting, be sure to consult your doctor, midwife or physiotherapist specialized in pregnancy for guidelines and treatment.

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