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Tekken's Kazuya will join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this week. Here you have its extensive 40-minute gameplay

Nintendo just made a broadcast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate dedicated entirely to the presentation of Kazuya, from Tekken , the next fighter to join the game’s roster. Thus, throughout the 40 minutes that the event has lasted, we have been able to see how one of the most iconic characters of the Bandai Namco franchise will unfold.

Masahiro Sakurai has appeared like other times to show all Kazuya’s combos with extensive gameplay . Thus we have been able to verify that each and every one of his attacks have been extracted from the original games in which he appears, although they have been modified to adapt them to the controls and gameplay of Super Smash Bros.

The reason why Kazuya was chosen is because he is able to use the Devil Gene , the demonic power that he harbors, which offers a greater variety of movements and possibilities. In fact, with all his special moves he will transform into a demon to unleash some of the most devastating attacks.

For example, the Devil Blaster beam will pierce through multiple opponents, just like the Devil Fist punch. He will also be able to take out wings, soar high or glide with Devil Wings or grab the opponent and smash him to the ground with Heaven’s Door. Even so, he has a wide repertoire of normal moves with which he will give his opponents a good beating.

Another detail about Kazuya is that if his life reaches 100% or more he will go into a fury mode with which his damage will be multiplied by 1.1 and will only dissipate if he takes too much damage. In general his attack power is brutal, he will hit tremendously hard and it will be difficult to get him off stage, although he is not especially fast and his range is very low with his most movements.

As for his Final Smash it will be Final Blaster . In this case, it will fire a normal Devil Blaster, but if it hits an opponent, this definitive movement will be activated with which Kazuya will fire a good amount of rays at the same time that they will cover a large part of the terrain and will even be able to send the opponents out from the stage even though they initially have 0% health.

Regarding the stage that will accompany him will be the Heihachi dojo . At first it will be a place that will be closed where no one can go out, but both the ceiling and the walls will deteriorate based on sending the rivals against them. Even so, in time everything will automatically repair itself to make it like new.

For the rest, the DLC will include a total of 39 songs from the entire Tekken saga, some older and some more recent. Of course, what is really important is the date on which it will be available and that will be June 30 for 5.99 euros , although those who have the season pass, with a price of 29.99 euros, will be able to download it at no cost additional.

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