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The 27 most beautiful love phrases for your unborn baby

Any day is a special day to celebrate the greatest and most powerful love: love for children, and if you are pregnant, love for that little person that grows inside you.

We have selected the 27 most beautiful love phrases for your unborn baby, which you can say while you caress the belly or write them in a letter to keep as a souvenir. Precious thoughts put into words dedicated to the most beautiful thing that life can give us: a child.

The 27 most beautiful love phrases for your baby on the way

“You will arrive at a home full of love, that will take care of you as our greatest treasure. We are eagerly awaiting you, my son.”
“Every day that passes there is one less left to meet you. We look forward to seeing you.”
“How can something so small make us feel something so big and strong?”
“No one else will know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from within.”
“I feel how you grow every day inside me, and I can’t help but smile at the thought that I’ll never be alone anymore.”
“My life is just a short time away, to welcome you to this world that I will make the best for you.”
“You are the best gift that we have been able to receive. We look forward to your arrival in the world to walk a new path together.”
“In a few months you will be with us filling our days with happiness, and when they seem not to be, we will remember that you are the best gift of our lives.”
“A new day begins with you inside me. I promise to always make you as happy as you make me. “
“It is very great how I feel for you. As I feel how you move in my belly, I can’t wait to have you in my arms.”
“You are a desired, loved and expected baby. We cannot wait to meet your face, your eyes, your little hands …”
“We made a wish and it came true. You already grow inside me, and we couldn’t be happier.”
“Just by existing inside me, you teach us what the greatest love is.”
“Surely I will be wrong many times, but I want you to know from now on, that you grow inside me, that I will do everything to make you happy.”
“I still don’t know you and I already love you madly.”
“I still don’t know you, but I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.”
“You have made my biggest dream come true: to be a mother.”
“I already love you before I met you, and I will love you all my life.”
“There is no more beautiful wait than waiting to meet the love of your life.”
“You arrived without warning when I least expected you, but you are the most beautiful surprise that life has given me.”
“Nothing gives us more happiness than placing a hand on our stomach and having you respond with a kick.”
“Your heart beats inside me, and mine beats with all the force of my love for you.”
“I will love you forever. I wait for you to fill you with love and see you happy every day.”
“I will not deny that I am afraid, but I feel that when I see your face for the first time all worries will go away.”
“Nothing has been more mine than you, who are growing inside me.”
“You will be nine months in my womb, but all the life in our hearts.”
“And the luggage does not weigh and the road does not tire, when the load is the greatest love there can be: my love for you, son.”

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