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The best 15 pregnancy diaries to give away (or give yourself)

Pregnancy is an experience that brings with it a lot of moments, emotions and enthusiasm for that new member of the family that is about to arrive. There are so many things and they go by so fast , that keeping a diary is a great idea to remember them when you want to look back. That is why today we want to bring you the best that you can find on the market.

Tell me mom: Your pregnancy and my first year

It is a diary with a very original design where you can make notes and follow the development of the pregnancy until the baby’s first year. This book is intended as a gift to the mother-to-be, as it will allow her to write her own story from the first weeks of pregnancy to her child’s first birthday.

It also contains information, week by week, about the development of the pregnancy and unique moments of the baby: the first steps, the first smile, the first Christmas, the first birthday… Each page has spaces to add photos, comments and any other I remember that you want to keep forever.

Cuentame mamá: Tu embarazo y mi primer año (Cuéntame Tu Vida) (Cuentame la Historia de Tu Vida)

Tell me mom: Your pregnancy and my first year (Tell me Your Life) (Tell me the Story of Your Life)

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9 months and a lot of great moments to live

With this photo album you can remember the 9 months of pregnancy with all the detail you want . From the first ultrasound and the cravings, to the names you had in mind until you found the perfect one and of course, you can paste photos of how your belly is growing month by month.

It has 64 pages of 21 x 14.5 cm, customizable sheets to write and paste photos and 8 sheets with stickers to decorate the album.

Mr. Wonderful WOA09123ES - Álbum

Mr. Wonderful WOA09123ES – Album

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And then you came

Each page of this diary will reveal a world about how your baby is developing and forming inside you. In addition to data, information and advice for the future mommy, there is space for you to tell everything that goes through your head, feelings, emotions and sensations during the 9 months of pregnancy . Also accompanied by space for photos, stickers, tips, advice, tricks related to pregnancy and childbirth.

The album is folio size, consists of 42 pages, plus 2 full of stickers. Hard cover and pampered and careful binding. In addition, at the beginning there is space to fill out a family tree and a gestogram so that you can keep track of your pregnancy.

Mimuselina Álbum Recuerdos del Embarazo | Y Entonces Llegaste Tú, Libro-Diario de Embarazo, Libro Embarazadas para Fotos, Pegatinas, Datos e Información. Consejos Semanales. Tapa Dura, 21'5 x 31,5 cm

Mimuselina Pregnancy Memories Album | And Then You Came, Pregnancy Book-Diary, Pregnant Book for Photos, Stickers, Data and Information. Weekly Tips. Hardcover, 21.5 x 31.5 cm

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my pregnancy diary

It is an atypical diary (the writers call it “the first diary that isn’t pretty”9, so you won’t find cheesy phrases or illustrations . It has little space for photos, but it does have space to write down special moments that we are going to experience during the pregnancy.

El diario de mi embarazo

my pregnancy diary

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Pregnancy Diary. 9 months to remember

Pregnancy is a unique and special event: it takes place over nine months full of new sensations, physical and emotional changes. This diary will accompany the mother-to-be throughout this experience, allowing her to write down her concerns, emotions and memories, along with practical aspects .

Diario Del Embarazo. 9 Meses Para Recordar

Pregnancy Diary. 9 months to remember

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Pregnancy diary. everything you need to know

In this precious diary you will find clear and precise information on the weekly evolution of the pregnancy and the baby, tips and useful resources and space for you to capture the most special moments of a wonderful, unique and personal trip. It has the perfect space to add annotations and photos.

Diario del embarazo. Todo lo que hay que saber (Castellano - A PARTIR DE 0 AÑOS - ÁLBUMES DEL BEBÉ)

Pregnancy diary. Everything you need to know (Spanish – FROM 0 YEARS OLD – BABY ALBUMS)

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Diary of my Pregnancy – To record the 9 most special months of your life

This beautiful notebook contains more than 100 sheets for notes, classified by each week of gestation . A space dedicated to your emotions, experiences, moods and much more. It also includes a section for photos, collages and possible names for your baby.

Diario de mi Embarazo - Para registrar los 9 meses más especiales de tu vida - Mi Agenda embarazo Regalos para mamas embarazadas: Diario del Embarazo

My Pregnancy Diary – To record the 9 most special months of your life – My Pregnancy Diary Gifts for pregnant moms: Pregnancy Diary

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This pregnancy planner will help you record all the special moments that you will live while you wait for the arrival of your baby.

It is a very complete diary that will serve as a guide and will allow you to keep track of this very special time of your life . You just have to follow the instructions to write down the small details of your pregnancy.

Includes pregnancy log, pregnancy and birth list, prenatal appointment log, nursery planner, baby name brainstorm, hospital checklist, fetal movement log, weekly journal entries including weight, belly measurements, baby bump photos, symptoms, and cravings.

Preñada - Un diario del embarazo para futuras mamás: 40 semanas para prepararte para la llegada de tu bebé

Pregnant – A pregnancy diary for moms-to-be: 40 weeks to prepare for the arrival of your baby

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Pregnancy My diary. 9 months of sensations

This illustrated pregnancy diary offers future mothers a place to immortalize the unique moments that we are experiencing during these 40 weeks of sweet expectation.

It includes space to complete week by week with the symptoms, thoughts, desires and sensations , so it will help us to vividly remember every moment of this magical and unrepeatable stage of our lives. The right sheets include lines to complete week by week our feelings, ideas, and thoughts that we have. The sheets on the left have space to include information such as measurements, weight, medication, cravings, books to read, and much more.

Embarazo Mi diario. 9 meses de sensaciones. Recuerdo para embarazadas. Regalo:

Pregnancy My diary. 9 months of sensations. Souvenir for pregnant women. Gift:

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I’m going to be the best mom in the world

In addition to a diary, it is a guide to follow the pregnancy day by day , the development of the fetus and possible symptoms of your body detailed by week and trimester. Comparison of the size of your baby with fruits and vegetables .

It includes tips and curiosities, what kind of clothes to choose for your baby, the giant size of your belly, the growth of your foot, the essential list of objects necessary to go to the hospital and for your baby, as well as an album to remember the moments more magical in the form of a photograph of your pregnancy.

Voy a ser la mejor mamá del mundo. Diario de mi embarazo.: (Spanish) Regalo original para mamás embarazadas. Agenda álbum guía con tu bebé día a día. Libro futuras madres primerizas o no.

I’m going to be the best mom in the world. Diary of my pregnancy.: (Spanish) Original gift for pregnant moms. Agenda album guide with your baby day by day. Book future new mothers or not.

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The book of my Baby

It is a cute and fun diary of pregnancy and the baby’s first year of life, designed so that, sooner rather than later, you can share it with the other protagonist. It is one of the most space available to write.

Embarazada: ‘El Libro de mi bebé’

Pregnant: ‘My Baby’s Book’

RRP at The Book House €12.30
Today on Amazon for €18.90

my bun is in the oven

Pregnancy notebook to complete throughout the weeks. It allows you to follow your pregnancy and have a precious memory of the nine months of waiting. Here you can write down your experiences, your emotional states, your notes, your maternity appointments, etc.

Diario de Embarazo Mi Bollito esta en el Horno: Agenda de Embarazo con 40 semanas para escribir tus emociones, estados, antojos y el desarrollo del bebe durante todo el embarazo

Pregnancy Diary My Bollito is in the Oven: Pregnancy Diary with 40 weeks to write your emotions, states, cravings and the development of the baby throughout the pregnancy

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Diary of my Pregnancy

It is a diary specially designed for each week of pregnancy . It has more than 100 sheets for notes, a space dedicated to your emotions, experiences, moods, and a section for photos, collages and possible names for your baby.

Diario de mi Embarazo: Para registrar los 9 meses más especiales de tu vida - Diario del Embarazo y Agenda embarazo | Regalos para mamas embarazadas - 5.83 x 8.27 mm

My Pregnancy Diary: To record the 9 most special months of your life – Pregnancy Diary and Pregnancy Agenda | Gifts for pregnant moms – 5.83 x 8.27 mm

Today on Amazon for €9.74

Growing up together

It is the perfect pregnancy journal and memory book for the first years, for all those who want to document these wonderful moments in an individual and guided way. There is plenty of room in this book for notes, ultrasound images, photos, and handprints and footprints.

The book is divided into five sections and consists of more than 170 pages: introduction, your pregnancy week by week, the day of birth, the first steps and notes.

Growing up together - Diario del embarazo y de los recuerdos: La agenda perfecta para madres y futuros padres. Aquí puedes registrar tus recuerdos de ... (english, spanish, german, french, italian))

Growing up together – Diary of pregnancy and memories: The perfect diary for mothers and fathers-to-be. Here you can record your memories of … (english, spanish, german, french, italian))

Today on Amazon for €19.99

And here our story begins

This album book is ideal for recording the 9 months of your pregnancy and in which you will also find a description of how your baby will be month by month . Write, paste, draw and complete your pregnancy planner during each month of gestation.

It is bound with Gold Wire-o, the front and back covers are printed and have translucent covers that protect so that it will last for many years.

Susiko, Diario para Embarazadas, Álbum de Recuerdos Precioso para tu Hijo el Día de Mañana, Agenda de Embarazo, Libro de Embarazadas para Fotos, Datos e Información, Consejos Mensuales (SSK006)

Susiko, Maternity Diary, Precious Memory Album for Your Child Tomorrow, Pregnancy Planner, Maternity Book for Photos, Facts and Information, Monthly Tips (SSK006)

Today on Amazon for €23.00

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