LivingThe emotional moment in which after so long waiting...

The emotional moment in which after so long waiting for it, the two lines finally appear on the pregnancy test

When I am asked what has been the happiest day of my life , my mind automatically transports me to that moment when the two lines appeared on the pregnancy test. After a long time trying to get pregnant, many ovulation tests, many gray days, many tests and many tears of frustration, the miracle happened. Never in my life had I felt such fullness and the sense of fulfilling a dream in such a palpable way… even months before it materialized with the arrival of my daughter.

The path of waiting is one of the hardest we can live

That period of time in which you decide that you are ready to be parents and the moment in which the pregnancy occurs, is a roulette that is sometimes very hard to play . Luck may smile at you and it happens right away, or it may happen to you like many of us: that time begins to run, that there is an “epidemic” of pregnancies around you (I don’t know why, but it’s always like that) , that they do not stop asking you “and you for when?”, and that the rule does not stop arriving punctually to your appointment like an English lord.

“Don’t get obsessed”, they tell you and you tell yourself, but nobody knows the procession we have inside thinking of all possible scenarios. Until you find yourself in that situation, you don’t understand why it is called “the miracle of life” : so many factors have to be combined at the same time, that sometimes you see it almost impossible for it to happen to you.

And finally it arrives…

That test, the definitive one, was not the first one I did, of course. That’s why I took it with mistrust and fear of tripping over again with the same feeling of anger and frustration for not achieving it. I spent several minutes with it in hand, preparing myself (once again) for a negative as strong as a tornado.

However, to the surprise of my husband and me, the two stripes appeared immediately and with the most intense color I have ever seen. I swear to you that I have never cried so much and my legs have never shaken with emotion like that day … so much so that I still get emotional when I remember it. My little piece of life was already a reality and I was ready to change our history and give me the happiest moments of my existence.

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