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The funny viral with which you will identify if you do not like to have your belly touched during pregnancy

One of the most obvious things that tell us that a woman is expecting a baby is her belly. Some people, seeing her, can’t help but feel like touching her or caressing her just like her own mother does.

However, not all women feel comfortable with this, which is why a funny video has gone viral in which its protagonist does not like other people to touch her pregnant belly either .

The mother behind this viral video is Canadian actress Shay Mitchell, famous for starring in Pretty Little Liars and who is currently expecting her second baby.

The video has been published on his Instagram account, where it quickly went viral not only because it is a celebrity, but also because it humorously represents a situation that many pregnant women find themselves in: when other people touch your belly .

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The video, which has nearly seven million views , has received hundreds of comments from other women who have identified themselves and who also do not feel comfortable when other people touch their belly while they are pregnant.

And it is that although we know that babies also like when the mother caresses her belly, it is also true that pregnant women need more interpersonal space, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy.

For this reason, and despite the fact that many pregnant women do not mind other people doing it , it is always better to ask first if we can touch your belly (or just not touch it and that’s it).

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