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The most common accidents in pregnancy and how to avoid them

Pregnancy is an unforgettable stage in many ways and it is likely that one of the memories we have is that of an accident. And it is that these months are usually characterized by a certain clumsiness and confusion, which can favor small “stumbles”. These are the five most common accidents during pregnancy, did you suffer any?

We leave out traffic accidents, which, as we saw a while ago, also increase in pregnancy (in fact, one in every fifty pregnant women will suffer a car accident). Pregnant women who are not in a vehicle, what most common accidents do they suffer?

There are certain symptoms of pregnancy that could lead to these accidents, such as nausea, fatigue, insomnia … that decrease the concentration of women and the large volume and change in balance that they experience at the end of pregnancy. All this gives rise to these common accidents that must be tried to avoid.

Falls and bumps

They can be caused by certain dizziness, nausea, loss of balance when going up or down stairs, when getting up very quickly … Therefore, you have to walk carefully, leaving your heels for another time and holding on to the railing or leaning on the walls as long as we see that there is some danger. Get up from the seat or bed little by little.

Trips are more frequent due to the fact that we cannot see the ground we are walking on due to the volume of the belly, so you have to walk slowly and make sure where you step. At home, it is convenient to clear the spaces of small furniture or carpets that can interfere with the passage.

Slipping in the bathtub

A variety of the above are slips in the bathtub . The center of gravity of the pregnant woman changes, so it is important to exercise caution especially when entering or leaving the bathtub or shower. Place non-slip floors to avoid slipping on these surfaces.

pie twists

The added weight load on the leg and foot muscles can lead to loss of footing during pregnancy. Poor balance or dizziness can also cause a foot to twist.

To avoid this, we repeat that you have to put your heels aside and walk safely, avoiding dangerous surfaces (irregular, wet, very inclined …).

Bone fractures

Much less frequent, but also as consequences of blows or falls, are bone breaks. Remember to get enough calcium during pregnancy. According to the WHO the recommended amount of calcium is 1200 mg / day, according to the Guide for the prevention of congenital defects of 1300 mg / day, and other recommendations reduce the amount to 900 milligrams.


Nosebleeds are frequent during pregnancy, but if some bleeds are of great concern to us, since they can be a symptom of abortion, it is vaginal bleeding. During pregnancy, more blood flows to the cervix and small vaginal bleeding at the end of pregnancy is not a concern, for example, after a gynecological examination or having sexual intercourse. In the first trimester, the causes of bleeding can be several and, in the same way as if there is intense bleeding, you must go to the medical center.

In short, we see that there are common accidents in pregnancy , some more worrying than others, some more preventable than others but in any case quite frequent in pregnant women. And you, did you take any of these scares?

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