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These are the Health recommendations to move safely by bicycle or car if you are pregnant and when your baby is born

In summer, travel increases, both by car and by bicycle, and that is why the Ministry of Health has wanted to make some express recommendations for women who are pregnant.

Remember that walking is the healthiest way to get around to stay active and avoid a sedentary lifestyle, but if you have to use a vehicle such as a bicycle or a car, keep these recommendations in mind:

To walk:

  • Wear comfortable shoes and avoid rough terrain .
  • If you can, walk through green areas, avoiding crowds.
  • Always cross marked zebra crossings .

If you are going to use a bicycle:

  • Choose a suitable bike in which you can reach the ground well and go as straight as possible, with a wide and comfortable saddle .
  • Extreme caution . The weight and volume of the belly favor imbalance and limitation of movement.
  • Go slowly to be able to anticipate any unforeseen event.
  • Plan your route.

If you are going by car:

  • Always use the seat belt. It is mandatory.
  • Position it so that the diagonal band rests on the collarbone, passes between the breasts and down the side of the abdomen. Once placed, pull the diagonal band upwards to adjust it well. The horizontal band of the belt should be located below the abdomen, on the pelvis.
  • The distance between the seat and the steering wheel must be about 25 cm to avoid possible injuries to the stomach in the event of an accident.
  • Of course, avoid alcohol and drug use because of the risks it poses for the mother and the baby, and because it increases the risk of traffic accidents. As for tobacco , make sure you travel in a smoke-free car.

If you travel by road pregnant, make frequent stops and always have a bottle of water, fruit or any healthy snack to help you maintain correct levels of sugar and hydration. It is recommended that you travel accompanied and plan your route based on the comfort of the roads.

And when your baby is born, his first ride in the car

  • Never carry your baby in your arms in the car . It is mandatory that from birth, even the day you leave the hospital, you use an approved child restraint system, which prevents up to 90 percent of all serious or fatal injuries.
  • Practice how to install the seat correctly before your baby is born so that when the day of his first trip arrives, it is correctly placed.
  • It is safest for children to travel rear facing as long as possible.
  • If you return home with your baby in a taxi , do not forget the child restraint system. Remember that you can request one when requesting a taxi.
  • In case of taking the bus , take it in the cart, placing it in the designated areas and using the available fixings. Do not forget to position the cart in the opposite direction to the march and with the brake activated.

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