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These Newborn Olympic Babies Look Adorable In Their Neonatology Nurse Knitted Suits

On the occasion of the Olympic Games that are being held in Tokyo, the neonatology nurses at St. Luke’s Health System Hospital in Missouri, in Kansas City, United States, wanted to honor the babies born on this date by knitting Olympic costumes with which newborns look adorable.

They called the group of newborns “Mini Team USA” and also staged a mock “opening ceremony” in the hospital corridors to commemorate the occasion.

Little Olympians

For these particular athletes newcomers to the world, nurses created tiny “uniforms” for all sports. From crochet shorts, to sweaters or bathing caps, not forgetting, of course, the gold medals. They wanted to represent a variety of sports, including gymnastics, swimming, tennis, weightlifting, and basketball.

“We wanted to do this last year to bring some joy to our families during the pandemic. When the Olympics were postponed, we clung to the idea and decided to do it when they were rescheduled,” Stephanie Patterson, a hospital nurse, told FOX News. .

The parents of the newborns were delighted to welcome the proposal and posed with their little winners, whom they also “scored”, with a 10, of course.

“Bringing a child into the world is a special occasion in itself and I hope this is something that families and the baby can remember over the years as something that made their delivery during the pandemic even more special and brought them hope and encouragement, “he added.

Fotos | St. Luke’s Health System

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