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Those bubbles you feel in your belly are not butterflies: it is the first signal that your baby sends you

Feeling butterflies in the stomach is a feeling that has always been related to love. After becoming a mother, I deduced that this simile would have occurred to a woman, and more specifically a pregnant woman. Some of us have felt bubbles, others butterflies, and although the descriptions we hear of it are diverse, there is no doubt: it is the first (and romantic) manifestation of the baby that is in our womb.

This sensation appears around week 15 and 20, when the baby measures between 22 and 25 centimeters, his skeleton has already solidified, he has developed his ability to move in a spectacular way and the best thing is that he still has enough space to roam at ease.

The first sensation in the mother may be a flutter in the lower abdomen , followed by those bubbles that we talked about at the beginning. They usually surprise you in a very subtle way, but little by little you will be able to identify them more clearly.

What should I do if I feel bubbles in my stomach?

This feeling is completely normal . The doctor may recommend that you start wearing clothes that are not tight, avoid carbonated drinks (because during pregnancy you tend to accumulate more gas in the stomach, although it has nothing to do with the sensation generated by movements of the baby), and lie down if that makes you feel more comfortable.

After many years of having felt those “bubbles”, my recommendation is that you enjoy them, since it is the prelude to kicking (a word that you will remove the diminutive when you are in the last months), and without a doubt, they will become in one of the most beautiful memories of pregnancy.

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