NewsTom Holland has nightmares about paparazzi in his room

Tom Holland has nightmares about paparazzi in his room

The British actor feels threatened by photo reporters. This fear haunts him into his dreams.

Los Angeles – British actor Tom Holland (“Spider-Man”) claims that he is sometimes followed into his nightmares by paparazzi.

The 25-year-old told the men’s magazine “GQ” that he occasionally wakes up with sleep paralysis, so cannot move yet and hallucinates that his room is full of photographers. “You’re all there and I’m looking for my press agent,” said Holland.

He was then always confused and missed someone to protect him, the Briton explained. “And when I’m able to move again, I turn the light on and it’s over.” Then he tries to calm himself down and remind himself that he is alone in his room. “But then I always get up and look for a recording device or something that someone might have put in my room.” Dpa

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