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What is the ER Map endometrial receptivity test and how it can help you achieve pregnancy

The endometrium is the tissue that lines the uterus and that changes with each menstrual cycle, in preparation for receiving the embryo. The development of this tissue in synchrony with the fertilization of the ovum and the formation and growth of the embryo, is essential for pregnancy to occur.

Thus, when a woman is undergoing assisted reproduction treatment to get pregnant, the success of the embryo transfer will not only depend on the quality of the embryo, but also on the receptivity of the endometrium.

That is why it is so important to take into account the best moment for embryo implantation in the uterus , something that we can know thanks to the ER Map endometrial receptivity test.

We tell you what this technique consists of and how it can help you achieve pregnancy if you are currently undergoing fertility treatment.

What is the implantation window and endometrial receptivity?

Implantation of the embryo in the uterus is only possible for a period of time, which is technically known as the implantation window . During this time, the endometrium has very precise characteristics that allow the embryo to be well received, while outside the window period the endometrium is reluctant to pregnancy .

That is why the study of the receptivity of the endometrium is so important in the context of human, natural and assisted reproduction.

Not surprisingly, assisted reproduction experts consider that the inability of many couples to fulfill their desire to be parents is due to problems in the receptivity of the endometrium .

How the ER Map endometrial receptivity test works

The iGLS reproductive genetics laboratory has developed a technique called ‘Endometrial receptivity map’ (ER Map) that allows determining the receptivity of the endometrium by performing a biopsy of this tissue and studying the expression of important genes in the process of preparing the uterus for pregnancy.

This test helps identify the best time in the endometrium for embryo transfer, increasing the likelihood of implantation and pregnancy.

The endometrial receptivity test represents a great advance in the case of those patients in whom the endometrial preparation process is slower than usual, and therefore, their implantation window is not synchronized with the development of the embryo .

In this way, by using assisted reproductive techniques combined with ER Map, this lag can be adjusted and a successful pregnancy can be achieved.

These results are very encouraging and indicate that the individualized study of the endometrium and the personalized programming of the embryo transfer at the time of the implantation window are essential to achieve the best success rates in assisted reproduction treatments.

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