FunNature & AnimalWhat is the fastest animal in the world?

What is the fastest animal in the world?

It is not a mammal or an animal that we can see with the naked eye due to its small size. The fastest animal in the world is a type of mite , specifically the Paratarsotomus macropalpis .

This mite, similar in size to a sesame seed, can move at 322 body lengths per second (a measure of speed that reflects how fast an animal moves relative to its body size), which would be equivalent to a human being at 2,092 kilometers per hour , almost 1.9 the speed of sound.

The discovery was made possible thanks to the research of a student at the University of California who spent a whole summer chasing mites, recently managing to capture this finding with a high-speed camera only 10 centimeters in diameter, to record the sprints of the mites. , both in the laboratory and in its natural environment.

The previous record holder for the fastest animal in the world was the Australian tiger beetle, which reaches a total of 171 body lengths per second. This beetle is capable of moving at 2.5 meters per second, which would be equivalent to a 1.80 meter human running at 810 kilometers per hour. Does this super power have any downsides? That’s right: it must continually pause on its path to focus for possible prey, since its eyes cannot receive the number of photons necessary to focus them.

In fact, there are other animals that also break records for their speed, although they are larger than those mentioned. This is the case of the common basilisk of South America, which is capable of traveling on two legs from 4.5 to 1.5 meters per second before sinking into the water. For this reason, curiously, it is also known as the Jesus Christ lizard.

And speaking of speed, even the fastest tortoise has been measured; Some specimens of these animals, known for their parsimony when moving, due to their complex body structure, can be much faster by themselves than other individuals of the same species. This is the case of Bertie, who is known as the fastest turtle in the world , capable of moving forward. 0.28 meters per second, and which was recognized as such by the Guiness Book of Records.

Other record animals

In the animal kingdom there are other curious records. For example, the largest land carnivore is none other than the polar bear, which can weigh between 400 and 600 kg.

And there are also false beliefs regarding animal records. This is the case of the expression ‘elephant memory’. However, when it comes to long-term memory, dolphins far outnumber elephants. A study by the University of Chicago (USA) concluded that these aquatic mammals have the longest social memory ever recorded in animal species: they are able to remember and recognize the characteristic whistle of another dolphin with which they have lived after they more than 20 years have passed without hearing it.

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